Jes Adams

    Jes Adams

    Class Year: ’08

    Majors: Biology

    Current Hometown: Caldwell, ID


    Senior Manager - Strategic Solutions, Nordic Consulting Partners

    “Going into Carthage I would have never guessed I would be doing what I do now, and at the same time I can’t imagine my life any other way.”

    Yana Astter ?21

    Yana Astter

    Class Year: 2021

    Majors: Chemistry and Biology

    Current Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan


    Medical Student at the University of Michigan Medical Scientist Training Program

    “Carthage gave me a strong education, incredible research opportunities, and a strong, supportive network that made me a competitive applicant for post-baccalaureate fellowships and medical school.”

    Darrell Ballinger ?06

    Darrell Ballinger

    Class Year: ’06

    Majors: Biology

    Current Hometown: Huber Heights, Ohio


    Podiatrist, Owner of Advantage Podiatry

    “Find a mentor and stick with that person. Once you have someone who gives you a positive bend toward life, you tend to give back more and be a better person.”

    Katrina Gilbank ?13

    Katrina Gilbank

    Class Year: ’13

    Majors: Biology and Environmental Science

    Current Hometown: Plymouth, Ind.


    Environmentalist at the Marshall County (Ind.) Health Department

    “The technical writing skills from thesis prep classes and lab classes have been skills I use daily.”

    Suresh Graf

    Suresh Graf

    Class Year: ’15

    Majors: Biology

    Current Hometown: Minneapolis, MN


    Technology Consultant and Territory Manager at Arthrex Inc and Gemini Medical

    “My time at Carthage gave me a head start on my peers and consequently I rose through the ranks at a fast pace.”

    Steve Hobe

    Steve Hobe

    Class Year: ’15

    Majors: Biology (Paleontology Track) and Musical Theatre

    Current Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


    Senior Coordinator of Education at Adler Planetarium and Supplemental Chorister at Lyric Opera of Chicago

    “When I learned that I could dig, prepare, and study fossil bones in a lab; hone my performance craft; and play hockey all close to home, attending Carthage was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

    Brady Holbach ?20

    Brady Holbach

    Class Year: ’20

    Majors: Biology (Paleontology Track) and Geoscience

    Current Hometown: Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin


    Fossil Preparator at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum

    “What most prepared me for my career was being able to volunteer as a student at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum. I also gained a lot of experience thanks to the paleontology field course that was offered during Carthage’s J-Term.”

    Cecil Jennings ?81

    Cecil Jennings

    Class Year: ’81

    Majors: Biology, Natural Science, and Conservation

    Current Hometown: Athens, Ga.


    Research Biologist/Adjunct Professor

    “Certainly, Carthage’s academic preparation was paramount, but that, coupled with learning the value of networking, provided many other possibilities that led to a successful and rewarding career.”

    David Kreutz ?88, M.Ed. ?95

    Dr. David Kreutz

    Class Year: ’88, M.Ed. ’95, Ed.D ’19

    Majors: Biology and chemistry

    Current Hometown: Libertyville, Ill.


    Anatomy/Physiology Teacher at Libertyville High School

    “All of these people gave me hands-on experience that molded my path as an educator.”

    Owen Lewer ?20

    Owen Lewer

    Class Year: ’20

    Majors: Biology

    Current Hometown: Forest Lake, Ill.


    Graduate Student at Loyola Stritch School of Medicine

    “Do hard things: Travel if you have the means, and stretch your comfort zone. Not only will your future self thank you, but admissions committees and employers are looking for interesting and introspective applicants to fill their classes and offices.”

    John Nykyforuk ?21

    John Nykyforuk

    Class Year: ’21

    Majors: Biology

    Current Hometown: Edmonton, Canada


    Medical Student at the University of Alberta

    “You will have lots of experiences during your years at Carthage, so do your best to learn and grow from them all.”

    Claire Pfeffer ?19

    Claire Pfeffer

    Class Year: ’19

    Majors: Biology

    Current Hometown: Lafayette, Indiana

    “The entire Biology Department has helped me throughout my time at college by pushing me to succeed and guiding me. I have kept in touch with them, and they continue to support me, even though I am no longer at Carthage.”

    Gregory T. Pierangeli ?78

    Gregory T. Pierangeli

    Class Year: ’78

    Majors: Biology and Natural Science

    Current Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin


    Market Clinical Manager at MyEyeDr Wisconsin

    “Carthage gave me a solid scientific and analytical background.”

    Kim Wendt, Master of Education graduate

    Kim Wendt

    Class Year: ’06, M.Ed. ’06

    Majors: Biology, Master of Education in Educational Leadership


    Science Teacher at Mitchell Middle School in Racine, Wisconsin

    “Don’t give up. Don’t be afraid to dream big and be an advocate for change. You’ll never know if those crazy ideas turn out to be an amazing success until you try.”

    Amelia R. Zietlow ?20

    Amelia R. Zietlow

    Class Year: ’20

    Majors: Biology (Paleontology Track)

    Current Hometown: New York City, New York


    Comparative Biology PhD Candidate at the Richard Gilder Graduate School, American Museum of Natural History

    “I am grateful that I was able to have such close relationships with my advisors and professors at Carthage, and I will always owe my successes to them.”