Alaina Azar ?24

    Alaina Azar

    Majors: Communication

    Minors: Public Relations

    Hometown: Sleepy Hollow, Illinois

    “I am close with a couple of professors, which really helps my success in school. I always have people rooting for me and in my corner wanting me to succeed.”

    Claire Bevec ?23

    Claire Bevec

    Majors: Communication

    Minors: Creative Writing

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wis.

    “Since I was a little kid, it’s always been my dream to work for National Geographic. I believe this goal is realistically attainable because of the road I’m on, the connections I’ve made, and the opportunities I’ve had here at Carthage.”

    Megan Christian ?24

    Megan Christian

    Majors: Public Relations, Communication

    Hometown: Johnson Creek, Wisconsin

    “Having a smaller class size at Carthage has helped me more than I thought it would. I am confident that all of my professors know my name, and I also have a positive relationship with each an every one of them.”

    Edelmar Morales-Rivera ?23

    Edelmar Morales-Rivera

    Majors: Communication

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin

    “There is flexibility in studying communication. You can take classes in speaking, graphic design, video editing, and more.”

    Kelsey Spofford

    Kelsey Spofford

    Majors: Communication

    Minors: Music Theatre

    Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin

    “I have been able to explore my individuality through academics as well as develop lifelong friendships. Being at Carthage has given me opportunities like no other.”

    Jenna Zeihen

    Majors: Communications

    Minors: Women and Gender Studies

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wis.

    “I always had a desire to connect with people, share stories, make art, and help others. I know my studies bring me those things every day!”