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Carthage prepares geographic information science (GIS) graduates to analyze modern global challenges: environmental change, water resources, energy supply, population growth and shifts, hunger, disease, and regional conflicts. GIS majors become proficient in mapping and statistical software, as well as remote sensing and GPS tools. Higher-level GIS classes routinely partner with “real world” clients for valuable hands-on service learning projects.


  • Geographic Information Science


  • Geographic Information Science

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What You’ll Learn

In geographic information science (GIS), you will learn to use software, web-based geospatial applications, and database management systems, developing skills for cartographic representation, spatial analysis, and geovisualization. GIS students use many tools, including mapping and statistical software, remote sensing, and global positioning systems. In addition to weekly hands-on labs, students in higher-level GIS classes routinely engage in service-learning projects partnered with local, regional, and national organizations, government agencies, and businesses.

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Courses you’ll take

Here’s a sampling of required and elective courses:

  • Internet Mapping and Web GIS
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems in Geosciences
  • Mapping Your World
  • Advanced GIS
  • Applied GIS Projects
  • Air Photo and Satellite Image Analysis

Geographic Information Science Courses


Capstone experience

All Carthage students must complete a senior thesis to graduate. As part of this capstone experience, students develop and conduct original or applied research in their junior and senior years. Some projects have been presented at national venues such as Posters on the Hill, the National Conference of Undergraduate Research, and the annual conference of the Association of American Geographers, as well as on campus at the College’s annual Celebration of Scholars event.


Facilities and equipment

The Science Center houses two computer labs, a research lab, a fleet of four drones, five high-precision GPS devices, and social spaces between classrooms and faculty offices so discussions can continue after class.


Where Carthage geospatial science graduates go

Alumni have found jobs with employers such as:

  • Apple
  • Walgreens
  • Wisconsin Historical Society
  • City of Naperville (IL)
  • Cyclomedia Technology
  • Rand McNally

Others have served with AmeriCorps or entered top graduate programs across the nation and abroad.

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Scholarships for GIS students

Those intending to major in GIS can apply to enter the Math/Science Scholarship competition. Two full-tuition scholarships are awarded each year and are renewable for four years. 

Math/Science Scholarships