ACT/MED is dedicated to high standards that are reflected in the admissions and course requirements.

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To participate in the ACT/MED Program at Carthage, you must:

  • Hold a bachelor’s or advanced degree from an accredited institution in the appropriate teaching content area. A 3.0 cumulative GPA is required of all college coursework completed.
  • Be currently employed (or will be employed) by a public or private middle or high school.
  • Complete the entire ACT M.Ed. program unless you already hold a master’s degree and seek only to obtain teacher licensure. 


The ACT/M.Ed. program begins each May. Candidates who enter the program without a master’s degree can obtain a Wisconsin teaching license and M.Ed. in 1.5 years (with the comprehensive exam option) or 2 years (with the capstone thesis option).


The ACT/MED program begins in May of each year, and applications and accompanying paperwork are due by April 30.

You may receive admission to the Carthage ACT/MED Program by providing the following:


  • Students are no longer required to take Praxis I.
  • Student candidates with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher in their area of certification are waived from taking Praxis II.
  • The Praxis II is not needed for a teaching license in Spanish, French, or German. The candidate must pass an oral and written proficiency exam set up through the Modern Languages Department at Carthage. Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information.

Out-of-State License Applications

Teaching candidates who want to apply for licensure in states other than Wisconsin should notify the teacher education advisor as soon as possible. It is the student’s responsibility to know the requirements in the desired state.*

If particular requirements cannot be met at Carthage, the advisor can help the candidate find alternatives. Our jurisdiction will issue a three-year provisional license that can lead to a lifetime license.

* ACT candidates can refer to the State-by-State Reciprocity Rules Chart for more information on out-of-state teacher certification.


Note: Individuals who have failed a teacher preparation program are not eligible for Accelerated Certification for Teachers.