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Internal college events are activities or events directly related to the institutional mission of the College and run by faculty, staff, College departments, and registered and approved student organizations that are planned primarily for members of the Carthage community and/or benefit of the College.

Examples include athletics events, recreational activities, student-programming activities, faculty and staff development, Commencement, recruitment events, and more. Attendees of these events include members of the Carthage community, faculty, staff, students, guests, and alumni. 

College departments and registered and approved student organizations will not be charged for use of meeting/event spaces, and AV and non-AV equipment. 

Please note: Discounted rates may also apply for recruitment or fundraising events (i.e. athletics and admissions). Please contact Cole Stramar at cstramer@carthage.edu to inquire on eligibility/guidelines for recruitment and fundraising events. 

See our Facilities Use Guidelines

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Scheduling priorities are given first to all academic scheduling and student-related programs. Over the summer month’s, priority continues to be provided to summer academic schedules and then to external requests and mission-appropriate events.

In scheduling a conference-related event that requires the use of campus facilities, consideration will be given to the priority needs of students, faculty, and staff. Over the summer months (June-August), priority is given to the Office of Event and Conference Services. Consideration will be given to the priority needs of any presidential, academic, and College events.

All academic classes are scheduled by the Office of the Registrar. Classrooms may not be scheduled for non-instructional purposes prior to the scheduling of classes for each semester or term except for activities to be scheduled during non-class or weekend hours. Any changes in the classroom schedules desired by academic departments after the original room assignments should be communicated to the Office of the Registrar to seek approval. If the change in room assignment is approved, corrections to the academic schedule will be made. Any classroom schedule move not approved will not be recognized and the class will be required to return to the original reservation space.

To schedule an event on campus (not tied to academic class periods), department staff or club/organization leaders need to access the online room reservation system, Ad Astra. Select, complete, and submit the request form. The submission of the form does not guarantee a reservation; it only notifies the Office of Building and Grounds and our scheduler of your request. You will receive notification your request was received and if there is a conflict with your request. The reservation system should only be used for internal college events, and student organization requests.

As some events require special setup (stages, outside rentals, athletics equipment, etc.) and/or maintenance, the Office of Event and Conference Service and the Buildings and Grounds may allocate additional time to allow for set-up and break down of facilities, which may also result in additional charges. This is true for internal, non-profit, and external events.

The Office of Event and Conference Services must receive notice of cancellation no less than 24 business hours before the start of any event that does not include additional set-up, catering, or AV. Any event that does include additional resources must be canceled at least 72 business hours before the start of the event. Failure to comply with this policy could result in loss of scheduling privileges for the remainder of the semester and potentially following the semester.

Reserving a facility does not guarantee any parking assets for your guests on campus. Arrangement for all special event parking must be made with the Office of Public Safety three weeks prior to the scheduled event. This timing will allow the event sponsor adequate time to disseminate information to the event guests and participants.

Parking resources on campus are limited. Failure to register your event and secure parking assets with the Office of Public Safety may result in no parking availability. Event sponsors must inform their guests what parking assets are being made available for their use and where they are located. Public Safety officers may be stationed during certain events and will direct guests where to park. Additional Public Safety officers may be an extra expense incurred for the event, depending on how many guests will be in attendance.

Guest and visitor parking available for events is limited during the academic year. Event sponsors may wish to arrange for shuttles during the event. Coordination of shuttles, the use of campus fleet vehicles, and obtaining authorized drivers should be discussed with the Office of Event and Conference Services. Within reason, Public Safety will allow for drop-offs in front of the building where the event is scheduled. Depending on scheduling, event parking may be required at an off-campus site where guests and event participants are shuttled to campus from this off-campus location.

All events must be scheduled in accordance with a list of restrictions, within reasonable boundaries of discretion, which include:

  • The College maintains an exclusive catering contract with Parkhurst Dining. All food services, whether sold or provided gratis as part of the event, must be provided by or with the consent of Parkhurst Dining.
  • Requests to serve alcohol must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Event and Conference Service. No alcoholic beverages may be brought in or carried out of any event at the College. No event will serve students alcohol. Exceptions may require the approval of the President’s Office. The College reserves the right to limit the amount of alcohol served and to restrict locations and time when alcohol may be served in association with approved events.
  • All College facilities are tobacco-free. Smoking is not permitted inside or within 20 feet of any College building.
  • Rooms must be left in the same condition at the end of the event as when the event began, with the exception of general cleanup.
  • Decorations must be approved in advance by the Office of Event and Conference Services. The use of nails, thumbtacks, tape, etc. on the walls is prohibited. Decorations must be removed immediately after an event.
  • Candles, torches, or other sources of open flame are not permitted in any College facility. Candles completely enclosed in a protective, non-flammable enclosure may be used upon request.
  • No animals are allowed inside College facilities with the exceptions of certified guide/service animals, animals part of a special event presentation or entertainment, or as part of a laboratory colony of authorized lab use.
  • No alternations may be made to College property unless otherwise authorized by the Office of Event and Conference Services and listed within the Facilities Usage Agreement and Event Addendum.
  • Scheduled users of the facilities reserved may not be sublet or reassign College property or facilities.
  • Events may not allow attendance to exceed facility maximum capacities. Fire exits must remain unlocked and exit egress respected at all times. The College reserves the right to stop facility use and terminate all services if an event designee and/or event participants ignore such fire safety regulations.
  • All events must comply with appropriate state, fire, and safety codes. Fire alarm boxes, fire alarm strobes and horns, beam detectors, and other life safety equipment must be respected and no event activity, decoration, or behavior may impede their proper functioning or obscure them from view.
  • Users of reserved facilities will be responsible for any loss or damage to facilities and property.
  • Bicycles, inline skates, skateboards, scooters, motor vehicles, or other modes of mechanical transportation, not associated with an accommodation for an ambulatory impairment, are not allowed inside College facilities.

All student organizations must register their events according to the procedures laid out by the Office of Student Involvement. Any Carthage department wanting to plan an event to be held on campus with alcohol is required to meet with the staff in the Office of Event and Conference Services at least 15 business days in advance.

  • On-campus events with 150 people or less and no alcohol present will not require supplemental security. Public Safety may visit the event as part of their normal campus rounds. A designated point of contact should be given to the director of Public Safety.
  • On-campus events with 151-300 people and no alcohol present will typically require one special duty officer. Any costs for this assigned officer(s) are assumed by the sponsoring organization.
  • On-campus events with more than 300 people and no alcohol present typically require two or more special duty officers. Any costs for the assigned officer(s) are assumed by the sponsoring organization. An individual consultation for event security needs is required if more than 300 people are expected to attend. Contact the Office of Public Safety no less than 15 business days prior to the event.
  • Complete the Internal Event Security request form
  • See our Event Security Guidelines
  • Learn more about the Office of Public Safety

Exceptions that may require a different level of security than listed above:

  • If non-Carthage community members will be present
  • If tickets sales or a security entrance is required
  • If the event is open to non-Carthage community members who will need parking
  • If there is an increased level of risk based on the activities taking place
  • If a Carthage department is sponsoring an event with alcohol (Note: College clubs/organizations are not eligible to host events with alcohol.)

All policies and guidelines presented here are subject to review and change without notice. Facilities and service fees will be reviewed on an annual basis to assess and establish fair and reasonable costs for all internal, sponsored, and external charges.

Failure to comply may result in the assessment of charges to recover the costs of services scheduled and/or performed, the suspension or revocation of scheduling privileges, and/or the closing of an event requiring restitution for expenses or damages.