Academic Advising

Carthage utilizes a holistic advising model designed to meet each undergraduate student where they are on their college journey and provide guidance and mentorship along the way. At the core of this model are three key roles: student success advisors, faculty advisors, and career specialists who will work with you to plan coursework, discuss co-curricular and extracurricular engagement, and create short- and long-term academic and career plans.


All new students at Carthage are matched with a student success advisor prior to their first semester as a part of their initial course registration process and will continue to work with them through graduation. These advisors are full-time advising and student success professionals who will facilitate your successful entry and transition to Carthage, serve as cultural navigators as you move toward your degree, and support you during periods of academic and personal challenge. Student success advisors are assigned based on the academic division of your program of study and the first initial of your last name and may change as your academic goals shift during your time at Carthage. Student success advisors are located in the Center for Student Success on the main level of the Todd Wehr Center at the south end of campus.


Faculty advisors primarily assist students in navigating the Carthage curriculum in the context of their program of study as they meet the learning outcomes necessary to be successful in their field. If you have declared a program of study, you will be assigned a faculty advisor in the academic department of your program starting with your second semester and seek guidance from them for course registration and degree planning moving forward. If you declare more than one major or are pursuing teaching licensure, you may have an additional faculty advisor to ensure you receive mentorship from an expert in your field. As there are a wide variety of faculty and programs, faculty advisors are located across campus.


Career specialists primarily guide students in preparing for their future personal and professional life through reflection on their strengths and interests and exposure to experiential learning opportunities. All Carthage students will be assigned a career specialist through The Aspire Program, Carthage’s comprehensive four-year career development program. You will be introduced to the Aspire Program and staff during the College Success Seminar and be matched with a career specialist in your field during your first year at Carthage. Career specialists are located in The Aspire Center on the fourth floor of Lentz Hall at the north end of campus.


To update your majors(s) and/or minor(s), log into the Workday system. When in your student profile, click on the “Academics” tab. On the overview screen, you can add a new program of study or a request a program change. To request a program change, click on the “Request” button and remove/add your preferred program(s) of study.


Student success advisors, faculty advisors, and career specialists are assigned based on the program of study and career interests. If you believe that your advisors do not reflect your program of study or career interests, or that they should be modified for other reasons, contact the Office of the Registrar using your Carthage email at


Exceptions to Carthage academic policies are determined by the Subcommittee for Academic Review and Recommendation (SARR). A student looking to petition SARR regarding a policy exception should complete a Subcommittee for Academic Review and Recommendation petition and submit the completed form with any relevant documentation to the Office of the Registrar at or Lentz Hall 431.

Academic Resource Programs


The Office of the Registrar is responsible for maintaining the official academic records for current and former students of Carthage College, and assists students in class registration, degree audits, transcripts, and more.


Learning Accessibility Services (LAS) is a department that works with any student who has a documented disability and their instructors to create a plan for appropriate accommodations and support resources. All services are free of charge. If you would like to discuss accommodations, please contact us so we can set up a time to meet in person or talk to on the phone about the accommodation process.


The Writing Center is staffed by trained individuals who provide assistance for any written assignments. Students may drop-in, but appointments are recommended. The Writing Center is located in the Library.


The Tutoring Program is a free program for all Carthage students. Tutors are peers who are trained and recommended by specific academic departments. Tutors are available on a schedule and by appointment basis. Tutors offer individual and group assistance five evenings per week. Tutoring takes place in the Academic Resource Center.