Use of the College Name

Permission must be obtained from the proper college authorities to use Carthage’s name for any public performance or entertainment, on any printed program, souvenir, material, or merchandise.

Campus Visitor Hours

The campus is closed to unregistered visitors each day from midnight to 8 a.m. (weekdays) and 2-8 a.m. (weekends). This regulation has been instituted for the Office of Public Safety for safety reasons since unauthorized persons have, in the past, caused damage, made unnecessary noise, and have been a source of concern.

Campus Visitor Registration

Students may register up to two guests, in the Office of Public Safety, for no longer than a 72 hour period. Overnight guests must be seven years of age or older except during “Little Sibs Weekend.” All guests are issued a guest pass from the Office of Public Safety. At the request of College personnel, or Campus Public Safety officers, students are required to show student identification cards and/or guest passes. Unregistered guests and individuals who cannot produce appropriate identification will be escorted from the campus.

The Chapel Series

Chapel time is from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The programs and services are provided to enhance and strengthen the Carthage community through learning and worshipping together. Through sharing in these common experiences, there is also the opportunity of forming new relationships.

Campus Behavior

The influence of alcohol and other drugs does not constitute an excuse for any policy violations.

Use of College Facilities

Recognized student organizations are permitted to use campus facilities if the organization follows proper registration procedures. An organization using a College facility in order to enhance its treasury may be charged a nominal fee to defray costs for lighting, service, etc. Registration information is available in the Todd Wehr Center Office. Public areas in the residence halls, such as lobbies, lounges, and basements are not reservable and are designated for informal gathering and residence hall programming.

Official Recognition of Organizations

To be officially recognized as a campus organization and thereby be entitled to use college facilities for meetings and functions, any organized group must have the official sanction of the Student Government. Students desiring to explore the possibility of establishing an organization should contact the Director of Student Involvement for an explanation of the proper procedures to follow. To remain in recognized standing, each organization must file a list of officers and members each semester with the Director of Student Involvement. Organizations failing to follow this procedure for a period of two terms will be considered to be inactive and will lose their official standing on campus. Reactivation shall involve the same procedure necessary for original recognition.

All student organizations must keep an updated copy of their constitution on file with the Office of Student Life. Student organizations must abide by their constitution as well as the Carthage Community Code. Failure to do so may result in a disciplinary investigation and finding against the accused organization. Complaints or reports of an organization’s failure to abide by the terms of their constitution, or by the terms of the Community Code, will be investigated and acted upon by the Office of Student Life.

Organization Membership

All members of a Carthage organization must be registered members of the Carthage Community (i.e. student, staff, faculty, administration). The College imposes no grade requirements for participation in an organization, with the exception of Greek organizations. Individual groups may impose academic requirements. Any members wishing to hold elected or appointed office in an organization must attain a minimum of 2.00 cumulative grade point average at the beginning of the semester the member would assume the duties of the office, and maintain a minimum of 2.00 cumulative grade point average while holding office. Organizations, however, may impose higher standards.

Registration of Events

All organized events, their dates, and locations are to be scheduled and authorized through the Todd Wehr Center Office. This policy includes both open and closed functions to be held on campus. Failure to follow the proper registration procedures will result in cancellation of the event and loss of the sponsoring organization’s privileges. All calendar dates pre-registered on the official College calendar must be confirmed or canceled two weeks in advance of the function at the Todd Wehr Center Office. Event registration forms, procedures, and information are available at the Todd Wehr Center Office.

Responsibility for Personal Effects

The College is not responsible for, nor insured against theft, loss, or damage to personal effects. Students would be wise to have their belongings insured under a comprehensive policy, owned by their parents or themselves. Students are responsible for their personal possessions and should mark every article of clothing and all other possessions brought or acquired during the year.

Be sure to make all identification markings as permanent as possible. Thefts should immediately be reported to the Office of Student Life and the Office of Public Safety. The Office of Public Safety maintains a “Lost and Found.” The College highly recommends that students lock their doors if their room is unoccupied and that they do not loan their room keys to anyone. The College encourages all resident students to carry insurance coverage on their personal property. Items in Lost and Found will be maintained for a year and then disposed of if unclaimed.

The Office of Public Safety

The Carthage Office of Public Safety is located on the Terrace Level of Johnson Residence Hall. They can be reached at extension 5911 or 262-551-5911. Carthage Public Safety Officers assist with maintaining a safe and orderly campus community by performing periodic inspections of buildings and grounds; guarding against fire, theft, and illegal entry; administering campus parking policies and motor vehicle registration; and providing information services to the campus community on matters of safety and crime.

Public safety managers maintain a working relationship with the local law enforcement and civil authorities. These managers can provide clarification and assistance on matters involving student interaction with local law enforcement.

Public Safety Officers are designated agents of the College and are authorized to ask any individual, including students, for identification and assistance in performing their duties. Students are required to comply with the directions and requests of Carthage Public Safety Officers while they are performing the duties required by the College. Failure to appropriately respond to the request of a Carthage Public Safety Officer may result in disciplinary action by the College.