The following grade review procedure is available to students who believe that a final term grade represents an unfair evaluation of his or her performance.

The student should first discuss the problem with the instructor, and then if necessary, with the department chairperson. If the chairperson so desires, he or she may present the matter to members of the department or division for their consideration.

If the problem cannot be resolved at these levels, the student may appeal for a review in writing to the Provost before the end of the second week of the following regular term. The actual review would consist of the student’s presentation of available tests, papers, and other items on which he or she was evaluated and the instructor’s explanation of the case. The Provost will conduct an investigation and consult with the affected party or parties.

If no mutually satisfactory resolution is made, the case will be given to an ad hoc committee composed of a minimum of four Department Chairs, two students (if possible one of whom shall have been in the class involved), plus one faculty member from the involved department (such member to be selected by the student whose complaint is being investigated). If the department involved is too small to permit compliance with this guideline, the student may choose a faculty member from the related division exclusive of the Department Chairs. The ad hoc committee will be formally constituted and appointed by the Provost. The ad hoc committee will review, investigate, consult and make a final recommendation to the Provost who will then transmit this recommendation to the faculty member for final action.

Midterm Grades

Near the midpoint of each term, all faculty members are asked by the Provost to submit midterm low-grade reports for all students doing D or F work. Reports are distributed to the students, their advisors, and the Learning Center. Copies of these reports do not become part of the student’s personal academic record. These reports are used for counseling purposes.

In situations in which the midterm grade reports indicate that serious academic difficulties may exist, the Provost may notify the student’s parents.