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The COVID-19 Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for the role they have played in helping keep our campus safe.

We have endured another challenging year together. As we get ready to wind down the semester, the committee would like to provide an update about where we stand at the moment and what we might expect in the months ahead.

While we cannot predict the future we can try to prepare as best we can for multiple possibilities. The latest reports from Kenosha County show the positivity rate in the community around us as low, which we see as well on our campus. For the last six weeks, we have had reported cases remain under six individuals per week.

Additionally, over this time period, we have administered over 1,300 population tests resulting in only one positive case. This is a significant improvement from where we have been and feel thankful that we have moved in this direction.

Below you will find an update in several categories.


The College will continue to require vaccination status for all employees and students. While we have a favorable trend at the moment, it remains necessary to have knowledge of the environment of our campus.

All new employees and new students will need to complete the necessary paperwork as they become new members of our community. Additionally, we encourage members of the Carthage community to keep their status current by uploading any new vaccination or booster documentation on our vaccination status form.


We will continue to move forward as a mask optional campus. Should we see a change in the internal or external environment, it is possible that this could change. At the moment, we have no reason to change course.


Symptomatic Testing

We will continue symptomatic testing on campus for students. If students are experiencing COVID-like symptoms, they are encouraged to contact the Health and Counseling Center at 262-551-5710 to determine if a COVID test seems appropriate. Additionally, testing is still available locally and you can review locations through Kenosha County COVID-19 Hub website.

Population Testing

As cases remain low, we will be discontinuing population testing starting Monday, May 2. We ask that any individuals who are not feeling well seek out the appropriate testing and distance themselves from campus until they can confirm a negative test or recover from a positive test following the isolation protocols of the campus. If you are an individual in the testing protocol, you no longer need to do so.

What to do if you test positive over the summer

Students, faculty, and staff who are still on campus this summer should continue to report cases to the institution. Individuals who are not on campus this summer would not have to report this status; however, we would encourage individuals to maintain a record of any positive instance should they need the documentation moving forward. If isolation is necessary, the College will work with individuals based on vaccination status and our current protocols, which you can read more about on the COVID-19 website under Testing and Contact Tracing. Contact tracing will continue.


We will continue to update the COVID-19 dashboard; however, we will make modifications to the layout to accommodate the discontinuation of population testing on campus.

Returning in the Fall

While we cannot predict what the future holds, we will still need to remain responsive. As the start of the fall term nears, the committee will reassess the environment and we will communicate any necessary changes.

While it was another challenging year, we recognize that we have learned new ways of moving forward as a community, including the importance of staying home when feeling ill and masking to be respectful of your fellow Carthaginians if necessary. These new tools will help us no matter what the future brings.

We hope everyone has a great summer break and look forward to being back together in the fall.


The COVID-19 Committee