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Illinois campus alumni and President John Swallow attend the Illinois Campus Historical Marker De... As part of our 175 Years of Carthage celebrations, we partnered with the Illinois State Historical Society to install a historical marker at the site that the College occupied from 1870 to 1964 in Carthage, Illinois.

“This is a very important moment,” President John Swallow said at the dedication ceremony in October. “This place occupies over half of our history. When I read the history of Carthage, I see that the values that it now stands by were created here.”

Dennis Magnuson ’63, who attended the Illinois campus and helped make the marker possible, gave an inspiring and reflective speech to alumni and friends during the ceremony.

“Our campus was a compact community that allowed for creativity and vibrancy that impacted student, faculty, staff, and community lives,” Mr. Magnuson said. “May this historic marker now indicate to others that, yes, there was a vibrant learning community here for almost a century. Imagine what a difference this place made in the lives of thousands of graduates.”

Illinois campus alumni attended the Illinois Campus Historical Marker Dedication Ceremony on Oct....

Carthage is grateful to its partners who helped make the installation of a historical marker possible, including the Illinois State Historical Society, The Legacy Theater, and the Carthage Veterinary Service in Carthage, Illinois.