Seeking Truth, Building Strength, Inspiring Service — Together

That’s the Carthage mission. It’s not a stodgy old saying recited at alumni banquets and presidential dinners. It’s a challenge. One that we put forth anew every single day. To our students. To our faculty and staff. To make this world a better place for all of us.

Seeking Truth
  • Carthage is a college of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, espousing and expressing the Judeo-Christian tradition.
  • Carthage honors God’s love for all people and celebrates the rich diversity of creation.
  • Carthage embraces scholarship and teaching that are grounded in respect for truth, the possibilities and limitations of individual perspectives, and personal accountability.
  • Carthage recognizes that the quest for Truth is a life-long journey, and that knowledge, experience, and understanding, gained through a love of learning, are the surest guides.
  • Carthage promotes personal, professional, and social relationships characterized by truth, honesty, and integrity.
Building Strength
  • Carthage challenges all members of the community to seek excellence in every endeavor.
  • Carthage provides the resources, tools, and facilities necessary to attract and develop committed students, faculty, staff, and trustees.
  • Carthage strives for robustness throughout its educational experience, providing students with opportunities to grow in all facets of life.
  • Carthage seeks breadth and depth of cultural experience from faculty and students, building a foundation for informed, courageous, and effective action in the larger world.
  • Carthage collaborates with advisors and partners who help increase the relevance, vibrancy, and resilience of the educational experience.
  • Carthage is a responsible steward, investing in and preserving resources in service to current and successive generations of students.
Inspiring Service
  • Carthage affirms that the privilege of education is accompanied by the responsibilities of social awareness.
  • Carthage challenges students to become builders of a just and compassionate world by immersing them in an educational experience that offers exposure to the full breadth of existence on Earth.
  • Carthage prepares students for lives of service, and progression to leadership, by providing opportunities to give of themselves and help others—locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Carthage models and promotes the art of stewardship, enjoining respect for life in all of its various forms and cultures.
  • Carthage is a college community that spans generations and bridges ideologies, nurturing lives of service, work, appreciation, and understanding.
  • Carthage affirms that Truth, Strength, and Service intertwine beneficially throughout life, and encourages members of the community to follow paths that incorporate all three.
  • Carthage embraces traditions that lift up the community and increase its relevance and prestige.
  • Carthage encourages community members to challenge and support one another, to accept responsibility and require accountability, and to collaborate in serving the best interest of students.