Carthage has several dual-degree programs that allow you to earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a shorter amount of time. Save on tuition and start your career sooner!

Master of Science in Business

Sports Management Track
Design and Innovation Track

In just five years, you can go from high school diploma to master’s degree in business through Carthage’s 4+1 pathway. Enroll at Carthage as an undergraduate student and choose from 50+ areas of study, including five business majors. Our 4-Year Graduation Guarantee ensures you’ll earn a bachelor’s degree on time. After graduating with your bachelor’s, stay an extra 10 months to complete our graduate business program and earn a Master of Science in one of two tracks: Sports Management or Business Design and Innovation.

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Master of Athletic Training 3+2 Accelerated Track

Carthage’s Master of Athletic Training 3+2 program offers students the opportunity to complete a five-year path to a master’s degree in athletic training, shortening the typical route by a full year. Starting with the pre-professional phase (three years), students enter Carthage as undergraduates and declare an allied health science major. Allied health science provides an interdisciplinary and liberal arts foundation to recognize and understand key theories and concepts associated with health, wellness, and pathophysiological conditions, preparing students for admission into the professional phase (two years). Students accepted into the professional phase finish the 3+2 program with graduate-level courses and clinical experience in multiple settings.

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Master of Music

Earn your bachelor’s degree in music or music theatre in four years, and then obtain your Master of Music in Music Theatre Vocal Pedagogy in just 10 months! The Master of Music (M.M.) full-time master’s program features seminar courses in vocal pedagogy, application and integration courses in voice performance in music theatre style, and analysis courses that focus on repertoire and rehearsal techniques. M.M. students employ various instructional techniques that support efficient and effective voice performance practice. They develop individual research and creative projects that allow them to engage musically, artistically, and intellectually in the field of music theatre voice performance.

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For students interested in a career in chiropractics, Carthage offers a dual-degree program with Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri. Students attend Carthage for their undergraduate degree, and upon successful completion of admission requirements for Logan University and Carthage’s degree requirements for graduate, apply for admission a year before the intended start term to the program in chiropractics at Logan University. Logan University is the final determinant of admission to the program.

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Carthage students pursuing a career in engineering can attend Carthage for three years and, upon successful completion of the required courses listed below with certain GPA conditions, are assured admission into an engineering program at one of two prominent engineering schools for completion of the final four to five semesters of what is typically a five-year program. Upon graduation from the engineering school, students receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carthage and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from either Case Western Reserve University or Washington University in St. Louis. While at Carthage, dual-degree pre-engineering students must major in one of the natural sciences, mathematics, or computer science. Current students should follow the official College Catalog from the year they entered Carthage and work with their advisors and the department chair to ensure all requirements are met.

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Occupational Therapy

Carthage offers an occupational therapy dual-degree program with Washington University in St. Louis. Students attend Carthage for three years and, upon successfully completing Carthage’s degree requirements for graduation and Washington University’s prerequisites, apply for admission to the program in occupational therapy at Washington University. Students who complete the program receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carthage and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT) from Washington University.

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Carthage has two dual-degree opportunities for students interested in pharmacy: a 3+3 program with the Medical College of Wisconsin and a 3+4 program with Rosalind Franklin University. Students committed to pursuing a career in pharmacy have opportunities to participate in one of Carthage’s accelerated paths, allowing them to enter graduate school after three years.

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Public Health

Students interested in public health can complete a 4+1 public health dual-degree program with Carthage and the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). Upon successfully completing the program, students will earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carthage and a Master of Public Health from MCW.

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