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Carthage students, faculty, and staff are invited to attend a Braver Angels debate about gun rights and gun control on Thursday, April 11. The debate will be held at 6 p.m. in the Campbell Student Union Auditorium. Pizza will be served.

Braver Angels is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to depolarizing our national conversation. The organization will hold its national convention on the Carthage campus June 27-29. During the convention, 1,000 delegates from all over the nation — equal numbers “red” and “blue” — will gather to break down walls and seek common ground, with a focus on the 2024 elections.

A Braver Angels debate is a structured debate that alternates speakers in the affirmative and the negative, allowing for questions from the audience, posed through the chair. Unlike political debates or competitive debates, participants in a Braver Angels debate are encouraged to explain their positions, including the parts they feel doubtful or uncertain about. There is no scoring of rhetorical points and no bashing of opposing speakers.

The April 11 debate is organized by Carthage Student Government and chaired by Cameron Swallow, wife of Carthage President John Swallow.

Carthage students have chosen the topic of gun rights and gun control for their debate, and they will argue for and against the resolution “Guns make us safer.” Anyone who wishes to ask a question or make a speech (2 or 3 minutes) during the debate, can volunteer to participate from the audience. National leaders from Braver Angels will be in attendance.

Students who wish to attend the Braver Angels national convention June 27-29 should apply at the Braver Angels website. Membership in Braver Angels is required, but that can be as low as $12 annually. The student rate for the convention is $250, which includes three nights in campus housing and all meals in The Caf. People who apply in red/blue pairs are more likely to be accepted to attend the convention.

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