Image of students hiking towards a mountain range in Cuba
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Carthage is pleased to announce an additional J-Term 2025 study tour to…Cuba!

Come and learn about the course The Role of Tourism in Cuba and Its Effect on Cuban Society during an information session:

  • Tuesday, April 9
    11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Lentz Hall 411
  • Wednesday, April 10
    Noon-1 p.m., Lentz Hall 411

If you are interested but cannot attend these meetings, contact Professor Maribel Morales ( or Professor Jeffrey Roberg ( 

This study tour is a unique experience to visit Cuba and learn about the role of tourism and its effect on Cuban society. It is designed to enhance students’ global perspectives by exploring the impact of socialism on Cuba and the similarities and differences of the Cuban and U.S. political, economic, and social systems.

Students will learn about life in Cuba through its traditions, music, dances, art, food, gender roles, and language in this diverse culture that includes a mixture of Spanish, African, and Caribbean cultures. Students will have the opportunity to engage with Cuban citizens in a wide variety of settings, including cities like Havana and rural areas. Other destinations include: Viñales, the main street of this town is lined with colorful colonial-era wooden houses; Soroa, a stunning natural area of rolling hills and beautiful tropical scenery; Playa Ancon, a 2.5-mile-long beach with bright white sand and warm, turquoise waters; and Topes de Collantes, a nature reserve park in the Escambray Mountains range in Cuba. We will also explore the effects of tourism in the small city of Trinidad in central Cuba, which is a main tourist destination, known for its cobblestone streets and old Colonial houses. Finally, we will explore what the U.S. embargo on Cuba means for the average Cuban.

Tentative travel dates: Jan. 13-28, 2025
General education designations: International Perspectives

For more information, contact:

Maribel Morales:, Jeffrey Roberg: