Haley Yaple

  • Chair, Mathematics Department; Associate Professor of Mathematics
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    Straz Center 190

    Haley Yaple came to Carthage from Northwestern University, where she earned a Ph.D. in applied mathematics. Her thesis research at Northwestern, under the guidance of Dr. Daniel Abrams, included two main projects: modeling religious shift in societies and analyzing the dynamics of ferromagnetism. “Believe it or not,” she says, “these two topics can be modeled using the same basic differential equation!”

    Prof. Yaple earned a B.S. in mathematics and B.S. in mechanical engineering from Trinity College, a small liberal arts college in Hartford, Conn. “A liberal arts education allowed me to indulge my interests in books, dance, and French language, while still giving me a strong technical background,” she says.

    Outside of her academic activities, Prof. Yaple is active in music and dance, collects classic literature and antique/vintage math books, and spends most of her free time during the winter months participating in the sport of curling.

    • B.S. — Mathematics, Trinity College (Hartford, Conn.)
    • B.S. — Mechanical Engineering, Trinity College (Hartford, Conn.)
    • M.S. — Applied mathematics, Northwestern University
    • Ph.D. — Applied mathematics, Northwestern University
    • MTH 1030 Applied Contemporary Mathematics
    • MTH 1120 Calculus I
    • MTH 1220 Calculus II
    • MTH 1240 Discrete Structures
    • MTH 200T Topics in Mathematics
    • MTH 2020 Differential Equations
    • MTH 2120 Multivariate Calculus
    • MTH 2470 Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers
    • MTH 4300 Senior Research in Mathematics
    • MTH 4500 Independent Study

    Modeling dynamical systems, sociophysics, network science, and geoscience.

    D.M. Abrams, H.A. Yaple, R.J. Wiener. Dynamics of social group competition: modeling the decline of religious affiliation. Phys. Rev. Lett., 107 (2011), p. 088701. [http://prl.aps.org/abstract/PRL/v107/i8/e088701]