Peacefully nestled between Milwaukee and Chicago, Kenosha has a charming small-town feel. But it’s also the fourth largest city in Wisconsin, with a vibrant downtown and plenty to do. Carthage students love Kenosha’s restaurants, cafes, locally owned boutiques, beaches and parks, streetcars, and arts scene.


Kenosha, Wisconsin, features a beautiful lakefront with a harbor, farrmer's markets, charming str... Sitting along miles of sparkling Lake Michigan shoreline, Kenosha’s vibrant downtown is filled with many hidden gems, including small businesses and restaurants, museums, art galleries, and family-friendly activities.

City streets are easy to navigate. Just about anything is accessible by car or the many public transportation options, including the Kenosha Street Car, buses, and the Lakefront Trolley.

While strolling downtown, admire the artistic murals and beautiful buildings and catch views of the city and lake from the Kenosha Southport Lighthouse.

“Exploring the downtown area has been a joy growing up, with its fascinating museums, vibrant harbor markets, and charming craft fairs that showcase the local art scene.” — Summer Zilisch ’26

Milwaukee and Chicago offer access to big city amenities, transportation, and career opportunities. But the 90 miles in between are packed with something for everyone!

People in Kenosha are willing to aid Carthage students. There are so many programs at Carthage that partner with Kenosha residents and businesses. Just by saying, “I’m a Carthage student,” Kenosha residents become eager to help students find a job, internship, or anything else they need.

Because Carthage is located within an hour's drive of two major cities ? Milwaukee on the north, ... Recent opportunities for students include …

  • Internships with local businesses, like Jockey International, Snap-on Inc., LMI Packaging, and more!
  • Real-world experiences like nursing clinicals at local hospitals and student teaching in the Kenosha and Racine school districts.
  • Collaborating with local government on special projects and assisting small businesses with marketing initiatives.

A look at the sunrise over Lake Michigan. Everyone says this, but living in Kenosha is second-best only to living on the ocean. A showstopper from sunrise to sunset in just about any weather condition, Lake Michigan puts on a different show daily. With beaches, lighthouses, piers, boating, and many more opportunities made possible by the lake, living in Kenosha can make you feel like you’re on vacation every day. 

“I love being able to go down to the Carthage beach and look for beach glass with my friends or just going for a walk by the water.” — Skylar Farr ’26

“I love the HarborMarket here. I found a new favorite at the market, Fizzy Bizz, who makes dirty sodas that need to be tried at least once. There are many jewelry makers and food vendors, as well as cars to gaze upon, live music, and more.” — Line Wisely ’26

“I love going to Jerry Smith Pumpkin Farm, as it reminds me of going to pumpkin patches when I was younger and brings back many memories! The patch is decorated with different themes, such as Disney and Barbie, and has excellent food and a relaxing hayride. It is a place the whole family can surely enjoy!” — Kelly Sibert ’25

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From fine dining to late-night pizza delivery; from drive-in burgers to weekend brunch, Kenosha has something to satisfy every craving. 

Say cheese! When you think of Wisconsin, you think of cheese. Check out Visit Kenosha’s restaurant guide to all things cheesy.

“My favorite place is definitely Scoops. The shop is so cute, they have great ice cream, and the best part is that Carthage students get a discount.” — Gianna Feminis ’25

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“Stepping into Blue House Books is akin to entering a mystical land: the colors and decorations are stimulating, the vibes are immaculate, and the collection of books is diverse and thought-provoking. Be prepared to stay longer than expected, as a simple browse may turn into an hour-long ordeal.” — Lorin Bucur ’26

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