No student, employee, agent, vendor, or contractor may excavate on any property owned or under the care and control of the College without prior approval. Such approval is obtained via the Permit to Excavate process.

The Carthage campus contains direct buried fiber optic cable, copper-twisted pair cable, and street lighting high voltage cables. In addition, high voltage 8.3 kVa distribution cable is contained in cement duct banks. Numerous water and gas lines also cross the campus.

Unauthorized excavation may disturb these structures creating injury, costly repairs, and interruption to the daily activities of the College. Individuals responsible for such damage will be held accountable for all costs resulting from the damage and discontinuing of normal services.

To avoid such situations, all excavations must be planned and the College’s permission expressly provided prior to work commencing. The permit application details the insurance requirements, prior planning, and actions necessary to gain that approval. The requirements are rigorous and require time to achieve. We strongly recommend you make the application a minimum of two weeks prior to your need to excavate.

Emergency excavations may be allowable but only under the direct supervision of the Director of the Physical Plant or the Associate Vice President of Facilities Management. These are limited to pipe breaks and other needs for emergency infrastructure repairs.

A completed Permit to Excavate should be forwarded to Ted Fares, associate vice president of facilities management, Carthage College, 2001 Alford Park Drive, Kenosha, WI 53140, or