Academic advisors assist Carthage students in planning their undergraduate coursework. Students work with academic advisors throughout their four years.

Incoming and First-Year Students

Students with a Declared Major: Incoming Carthage students work with a New Student Registration Specialist in the Office of the Registrar to select courses for their first semester. Your Admissions Counselor will provide you with more details on this process once you are accepted to Carthage. After the first semester, and once students have declared a major, students transition to a faculty advisor in their declared area of study.
Contact the New Student Registration Specialist in the Office of the Registrar 

Students without a Declared Major: Students who enter Carthage without being ready to declare a specific major work with the Career Specialist for Undeclared and Exploratory Students in The Aspire Center as their academic and career advisor from the beginning. The career specialist helps students to define their interests, learn about academic/career options, and build academic schedules that keep exploring students on track toward graduation. Students remain assigned to the career specialist until they declare a major.
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Second Semester and Beyond

Starting in their second semester at Carthage, students who have declared a major are assigned a Faculty Advisor. This faculty advisor guides them in course registration and degree planning moving forward.

Faculty advisors primarily assist students in navigating the Carthage curriculum in the context of their program of study as they meet the learning outcomes necessary to be successful in their field.

If you declare more than one major or are pursuing teaching licensure, you may have an additional faculty advisor to ensure you receive mentorship from an expert in your field. As there are a wide variety of faculty and programs, faculty advisors are located across campus.