Schedule your appointment on Navigate at least the day before to ensure your tutor is available when you need them. These appointments will be one-on-one or in small groups (one or two additional students).

Some tutors offer regular or occasional group tutoring sessions when students enrolled in the same course can work on material and study concepts together. Using Navigate to sign up in advance will help your tutor know who to expect.

A small number of tutors offer drop-in tutoring. You can drop in for all or part of the session to get help from a tutor. If it is busy with many students seeking help, you may need to wait to talk to the tutor. Sign in when you arrive.

Some instructors will invite tutors into the classroom to work with students during classwork time. This is an excellent way for you to get to know your tutor and learn more about how tutoring works. We highly recommend you talk to your tutor when they visit your class.