We offer one-on-one peer tutoring for a variety of Carthage courses. You can schedule a 30 or 60-minute session to meet your unique needs. Please visit WCOnline for our tutoring schedule.

Some tutors offer regular or occasional group tutoring sessions when students enrolled in the same course can work on material and study concepts together. Creating your WCOnline account and signing up in advance will save you time during the session. You will be able to sign in on WCOnline when you arrive, but please be aware that we will only be able to accommodate a limited number of students, based on the room capacity, during in-person sessions. 

Some tutors offer drop-in hours when you can stop by, do your homework in their company, and ask questions as they arise. There were often be multiple students there doing the same so you may have to wait as the tutor circulates and helps others. If it is busy, using WCOnline to enter the queue can help the tutor manage their time and help you get help faster.

Some instructors will invite tutors into the classroom to work with students during classwork time. This is an excellent way for you to get to know your tutor and learn more about how tutoring works. We highly recommend you talk to your tutor when they visit your class.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an international program designed to promote collaborative learning. SI partners with specific, historically challenging courses to help students learn effective study techniques along with the content of the courses.

SI sessions are facilitated by an SI leader, a student who has previously excelled in the class and has been recommended by the instructor to help current students. SI leaders attend the class, plan structured study sessions, and facilitate these sessions on a regularly scheduled basis.

SI sessions are offered at least once per week throughout the semester. In the sessions, students create graphic organizers, solve practice problems, play review games, and participate in other collaborative study activities.

We currently offer SI for Introduction to Psychological Sciences (PYC 1500), Organic Chemistry (CHM 2070) and Julie Dawson’s sections of Financial Accounting (ACC 2010). The study session schedule and the SI leaders’ one-on-one tutoring availability can be found on the tutoring schedule here.

How is Supplemental Instruction different from tutoring?

  • Usually works one-on-one with a student or with small groups but focuses on the individual needs of a student.
  • May sometimes come to class to support students during work time but does not participate in the lecture.
  • May do some preparation for tutoring sessions but mainly responds to the questions and goals of the students as they arise.
  • Communicates with the course instructor only when needed. May be assigned to multiple sections of a course and/or multiple courses.
Supplemental Instruction
  • Typically works with groups of students who are all working together to study for a course.
  • Attends class lecture regularly. Takes notes and participates in lectures.
  • Prepares content and activities for the review sessions following an agenda to focus on the most difficult material in the course.
  • Communicates with the course instructor on a regular basis to determine the typical challenges in the course. Is assigned to a single section of a course.

Academic coaches are current peer tutors who can also offer assistance with general academic skills such as time management and study strategies.

Academic coaches have not necessarily taken the class you’d like some help with but are a more experienced peer who can help you adjust to the expectations of rigorous college expectations. For example, rather than helping you understand your homework, a coach might help you plan time to do your homework and talk about strategies for staying focused. They can also help you succeed in a class by going over your syllabus with you, helping you write emails to your professor, and providing insight into general study habits. Academic coaches are especially helpful if you’d like to do better in all your classes, not just one specific course.

Your academic coach will meet with you individually, as frequently or infrequently as you prefer. Most clients meet with their coach once a week, but you can also schedule just one appointment, Coaching sessions can be 30- or 60-minutes in length and are offered both in-person and via Zoom.

Schedule with a Coach

Requesting a coach is easy – just visit our online booking system:

  • Sign in (create a new account if you have never signed in before)
  • Select the Tutoring schedule when signing in
  • Search by class “academic coach”
  • Select any open time (in white) on the schedule
  • Fill out the booking form
  • Check your email for a confirmation

Resources for Students

Evidence-based study tips: Active recall by Dr. Ali Abdaal
Evidence-based study tips: Spaced repetition by Dr. Ali Abdaal