Demanding. Challenging. Exceptionally rewarding.

The Microgravity, High-Power Rocket, Suborbital Payload, and CubeSat teams always recruit interested students.

We recruit from physics and computer science programs, but no particular major is required. Students at all levels participate in this program, from high school students to seniors in college. Successful teams typically have students with strengths in one or more of the following areas: software design/programming, hardware, CAD, electronics, physics, and math.

Students with a passion for and an interest in aerospace and space technology are encouraged to send a note of interest to Prof. Kevin Crosby.

Our work is grant-funded and typically has an external customer. The work is demanding, requires strong organizational and communication skills, and can be exceptionally rewarding. We travel around the country, launch balloons to the edge of space, rockets into space, and we fly on zero-gravity research aircraft. Our students travel around the world to present their results and make lasting connections with future employers and with the aerospace research community. Our alumni are employed by NASA and within leading commercial aerospace companies doing work they never imagined possible.

Join us!