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The film and new media minor offers students opportunities in studio- and production-based courses, film and new media theory, and associated history. The courses provide necessary techniques, skill sets, and critical theory to prepare students for an increasingly digital global landscape of media production and critique.


  • Film and New Media

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Communication, technology, and art are ever-evolving, creating and shaping industries and cultures in new ways. Carthage prepares students for this landscape of the future.

Within this minor, students may choose to pursue coursework that emphasizes the discipline of film (film production and screenwriting), the discipline of new media (video art, sound art, light, computational and interactive art, and other new media and time-based forms), or a combination of film and new media classes. Students have the option to enhance their image-making skills with photography and their new media development skills with computer science courses.

Concentrated Curriculum

The film and new media minor is a cross-departmental minor offering a concentrated curriculum in film and new media through the Art and Communication and Digital Media Departments, with supplementary classes in computer science. This blend of disciplines and complementary courses will assist students in making connections within and between fundamental characteristics of new media practices and filmmaking. Within this minor, students may choose to pursue coursework that emphasizes studio and production work, aesthetics, and media theory.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Video Art, Fall 2018, Jorge Hernandez Carthage facilities include a Mac lab with Adobe Creative Cloud and other related software, along with several Epson printers and scanners. Students have access to Carthage’s Computation and Visualization Laboratory for computational research projects, as well as a server room, hardware lab, and a networking/advanced computing facility with Linux and Sun/Solaris platforms.

A Makerspace is offered through the Hedberg Library several times a week. Current opportunities include 3D printing, macro photography, stop motion animation, and elementary robotics.


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