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Gain an understanding of Francophone cultures and learn a new language in a communicative and intercultural way through a variety of real-life contexts and subject areas. You’ll master the French language with guidance from Carthage’s Target Language Experts — native French speakers who bring energy and authenticity to their classes. Majors also study abroad in a French-speaking country for at least a semester.


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  • French

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The French program at Carthage immerses students in the culture, history, and language from the first day of class. They’re guided by dedicated professors and Target Language Experts, who bring authenticity to their teaching as native speakers from French-speaking countries like Lebanon, Canada (Quebec), Senegal, and France.

Courses are designed to cultivate skills for the workforce, and all majors study abroad in a French-speaking country for at least a semester.

You will be able to discuss what you’re learning not only in class but also on field trips, at the French table, at film festivals, and with other students in French Club. 

Courses you’ll take

All classes in the major are taught in French. Here’s a sampling of required and elective offerings:

  • French Conversation
  • The French-Speaking World: Social, Political, and Economic Issues
  • The French-Speaking World: Cultural and Intellectual Life
  • Interpreting Written Texts in French
  • French Theatre
  • Fantastique Genre in French Literature

French Course Descriptions

Retroactive credits

If you test into a course and then earn a “C” or better, you can earn up to 12 free retroactive credits. That’s three times more than you’ll get from any AP or college-level class that offers college credit! 


Beyond the Classroom

Students admiring architecture in Paris. J-Term

During Carthage’s popular J-Term, faculty have led study tours to French-speaking parts of the world (France, West Africa, Guadeloupe).

Student organizations

French Club and the French Lunch Table give students more chances to build cultural and linguistic fluency, while the International Friendship Society promotes diversity and cultural awareness on campus. Top students can also join Alpha Mu Gamma, a national honor society for foreign languages.

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Where Carthage French Graduates go

Carthage’s alumni work in a variety of settings and hold positions with employers such as: 

  • DSV Global Transport and Logistics
  • Facebook
  • Gartner
  • Jockey International
  • RingCentral
  • Compliant Pharmacy Alliance Cooperative

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