The hallmarks of an educated person include the acceptance of communal responsibility that is built on a foundation of integrity and honor.

The material on this website incorporates the current policies and regulations of Carthage College regarding student rights, privileges, duties, obligations, and prohibitions.

They are directive in nature and binding upon resident and commuting Carthage students. It is our belief that the behavioral standards set for students should govern their actions on and beyond the Carthage campus. Unless specified otherwise, the regulations govern behavior on and off campus.

This handbook is an official document of Carthage College. It has been prepared for your use by the Office of Student Life. Each student is given access to this document and is expected to know its contents and have it available on campus. The Office of Student Life reserves the right to change the Community Code. Any changes will become effective upon campus notification. Any question of interpretation regarding the Community Code shall be referred to the Dean of Students for final determination.