The following faculty serve as department chairs or program directors during the 2023-24 academic year.

Division of Arts and Humanities

Visit the Division of Arts and Humanities Website

Division Dean
Corinne Ness,, 262-551-5733

African Studies Program
Peter Dennee,, 262-551-5939

Art Department
Kimberly Greene,, 262-551-2134
Jojin Van Winkle,, 262-551-6441 

Communication and Digital Media Department
Jonathan Bruning,, 262-551-5881

English Department
David García,, 262-551-5728

History Department
John Leazer,, 262-551-5893

Master of Music Program
Corinne Ness,, 262-551-5733

Modern Languages Department
Gregory Baer,, 262-551-5707

Music Department
Etsushi Kawakami,, 262-551-6565
Dimitri Shapovalov,, 262-551-5860

Photography, Film, and New Media Program
Jojin Van Winkle,, 262-551-6441

Religion Department
Andrew Ng’weshemi,, 262-551-6227 

Theatre Department
Herschel Kruger,, 262-551-2133

Women’s/Gender Studies Program
Ellen Hauser,, 262-551-5949


Division of Natural and Social Sciences

Visit the Division of Natural and Social Sciences Website

Division Dean
Deanna Byrnes,, 262-551-2371

Biology Department
Angela Dassow,, 262-551-6244

Chemistry Department
David Brownholland,, 262-551-6158

Computer Science Department
Rick Bingen,, 262-551-6579

Criminal Justice Program
Rick Matthews,, 262-551-5825

Engineering Department 
Robert Nagel,, 262-551-6117 

Environmental Science Department
Sarah Rubinfeld,, 262-551-6222

Geospatial Science Department
Matt Zorn,, 262-551-5968

International Political Economy Program
Art Cyr,, 262-551-5750

Mathematics Department
Haley Yaple,, 262-551-5897 

Neuroscience Department
Steven Henle,, 262-551-6119

Physics and Astronomy Department
Julie Dahlstrom,, 262-551-2331

Political Science Department
Thomas Powers,, 262-551-6332 

Psychological Science Department
Kateryna Sylaska,, 262-551-6152 

Sociology Department
Rick Matthews,, 262-551-5825


Division of Professional Studies

Visit the Division of Professional Studies Website

Division Dean
Paul Martino,, 262-551-2375

Accelerated Certification for Teachers (ACT) Program
Siovahn Williams,, 262-551-5914

Allied Health Science Department and Athletic Training Program
Laurie Jensen,, 262-551-6104

Education Department
Nina Weisling,, 262-551-5831 

Exercise and Sport Science Department
Andrew Pustina,, 262-551-6174

Master of Education Program
Siovahn Williams,, 262-551-5914 

Nursing Department
Nancy Reese,, 262-551-6038

Social Work Department
Rebecca Hornung,, 262-551-6316


School of Business and Economics

Visit the School of Business and Economics Website

Division Dean
Jim Padilla,, 262-551-6312

Accounting and Finance Department
Chao Zheng,, 262-551-6668

Economics Department
Erik Johnson,, 262-551-6670
Ron Cronovich,, 262-551-6330 

Management and Marketing Department
Joseph Shields,, 262-551-5886

Master of Science in Business — Design and Innovation, Sports Management
Carter Rockhill,, 262-551-5895 


All College Programs

Intellectual Foundations Program
Paul Ulrich,, 262-551-6226

Honors Program
Neil Scharnick,, 262-551-2132

Writing Across the Curriculum
Shannon Brennan,, 262-551-6664