Each year the Carthage Staff Council recognizes one staff member for the Distinguished Staff Award.

The nomination period for the 2023 Distinguished Staff Award is closed.

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This award is given to a Carthage staff member who consistently has excelled in their position; has made outstanding contributions in the area of service and dedication to the Carthage community; has promoted teamwork and collaboration across the College and departments; and demonstrates humility and integrity while always considering the best interest of our students.

The Staff Council encourages all staff, faculty, and students to nominate an individual for this award based on the following categories:


The nominee provides outstanding customer service, whether to students, faculty, parents, co-workers, or community members.


The nominee develops and encourages cooperation and collaboration, while displaying outstanding group effort. The nominee also consistently offers support, assistance, and encouragement to co-workers, often without being asked to do so.


The nominee consistently demonstrates patience, good humor, and enthusiasm while on the job. The nominee also demonstrates excellence in resolving conflicts and/or facing challenges.


The nominee provides prompt, efficient, and reliable service. The nominee is both dependable and trustworthy, and instills in his or her co-workers a sense of responsibility and dedication to the College.


Who Can Be Nominated?

This award is for any Carthage College employee in a staff position (non-faculty). Former Staff Council members may only be nominated after they have been inactive for at least one year. Current Staff Council members and previous winners may not be nominated.

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Nomination Guidelines

As a nominator, please explain how your nominee provides extraordinary service beyond his or her basic job description and demonstrates the Carthage College values of Service, Teamwork, Attitude, and Reliability.