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Carthage is committed to providing all of our students with an inclusive, welcoming environment in which they can learn and thrive. Our faculty and staff continue to show incredible support for DEI initiatives, participating in the Equity and Inclusion Certificate Program for employees, becoming Equity Coaches for our new ARISE program, and completing Safe Zone Training to learn how to better support our LGBTQ+ community.

The Carthage College Equity & Inclusion Committee, formed in July 2016, is comprised of faculty and staff from all areas of our campus. The committee is focused on creating and strengthening practices and policies that promote equitable outcomes for all students.

Equity & Inclusion Committee Members

Carthage’s Bias Education Response Team (BERT for short) responds to bias incidents that occur on campus or among members of the Carthage community. BERT consists of Carthage faculty and staff.

Bias incidents are incidents in which speech or expressive conduct is directed toward an individual or group that is based on or motivated by the individual or group’s real or perceived gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, ability/neuro-ability, gender identity/expression, national origin, military/veteran status, and/or age. Bias incidents may include elements that are motivated by bias, but that are protected by the First Amendment and do not meet the necessary criteria required to prove a crime or a violation of college policy. Bias incidents negatively impact others and/or cause harm. 

Led by the College’s Equity and Inclusion Committee, BERT documents incidents, collects data, and provides support and educational programming to all affected. The team is not designed to conduct investigations of incidents, but rather support the College in its investigations.

BERT works in collaboration with the Office of Student Life to respond to bias incidents with educational programs, support for students and groups affected by the incidents, and advocacy to address the institutional inequities that may have contributed to these incidents.

More about Bias Incident Response and BERT

The Carthage Equity & Inclusion Certificate Program guides administrators, faculty, and staff in expanding and deepening their intercultural competency to foster a positive campus community and climate of all individuals.

Individuals commit to self-development by devoting 30-50 hours to learning experiences that advance cross-cultural understandings. Each applicant agrees to participate in a variety of self-selected learning experiences to enhance their knowledge, skills, and disposition in support of making Carthage a place where all can feel a sense of belonging.

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The Anti-Racism and Intercultural Seminar Experience (ARISE) for first-year students is a two-semester process of personal and relational growth. All first-year students are assigned an ARISE coach, trained to administer and review the Intercultural Development Inventory assessment.

Meet ARISE Coaches

Carthage College “SafeZones” are inclusive spaces for individuals who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ communities, and where all people can feel welcome and safe to talk about LGBTQ+ issues. Carthage has many staff and faculty across campus who have completed SafeZone training. 

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