The Carthage College Equity and Inclusion Certificate Program is structured to assist administrators, faculty, and staff to expand and deepen their intercultural competency to foster a positive campus community and climate that is equitable and inclusive of all individuals.

The program offers participants ability to enhance knowledge, disposition, and skills essential for equity and inclusion work; exposure to research-based, valid intercultural assessment tools; engagement experiences with cross-cultural communication; and a deeper understanding of the effects of stereotypes, implicit bias and microaggressions.

Program Benefits

  • Equity Warrior Individuals receive an Equity and Inclusion Certificate after completion of program.
  • Participants have opportunities to learn about and from each other and have a more positive impact on underrepresented groups.
  • Faculty and staff earn a stipend of $200 for year-long participation and completion.
  • Participants are recognized and awarded certificates at the annual All-College Meeting.
  • Participants empower themselves to take an active role in creating a more accepting campus environment by countering prejudice and discrimination with understanding, support, and caring.
  • Individuals receive an “Equity Warrior Logo” decal that can be placed on their office door, tools of the job, laptops, etc., as an identifiable signal to students and colleagues of actionable support for equity and inclusion work.


The Equity and Inclusion Certificate Program requires a one-year commitment with participants engaging in 30-50 hours of professional learning experiences. All participants will complete the Intercultural Development Inventory workshop as an introduction to the program. Participants will also complete three competency-based, specified learning workshops and engage in other additional professional learning experiences of their choice through personal interactions, other learning programs, travel, workplace, activities, arts events, books, intercultural journaling, coaching, and site visits (full engagement in self-selected activities requires continuous personal reflection).

This ensures that participants get a deeper, more highly developed understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion issues and supports them in applying their new learning within Carthage College and other communities.