7 Kenosha Restaurants Students Love

While Carthage has many eatery options available on campus, on a day off of school, you may want to explore the restaurants off-campus in Kenosha. To give you a crash course on the best cuisine options, we polled our students and asked them what their favorite restaurants are. We compiled their answers here with this list of the seven best restaurants in Kenosha that are bound to make your mouth water.


Daily Dose Cafe in Kenosha

1. The Daily Dose Cafe*

The Daily Dose Cafe is the perfect spot for a coffee addict who wants a meal while they sip on their beverage of choice. With a variety of breakfast, lunch, beverage, and dessert options, The Daily Dose Cafe is bound to make even the pickiest taste buds happy.

“I have a lot of great memories at The Daily Dose Cafe with friends and family. My uncle brought me there for the first time and had me try a caramel frappuccino, and it was so good. I used to hate coffee before, but now I drink it on the regular! So, thank you to The Daily Dose for creating my coffee addiction!” — Karlee De Jesus ’24, history and English major

Karlee’s go-to menu item: “A coffee and one of the hot sandwiches.”

Visit The Daily Dose Cafe’s website

*Vegetarian and vegan friendly 

Chen's Bistro, a favorite Chinese restaurant in Kenosha.

2. Chen’s Bistro

Looking for a restaurant with non-American food options? Chen’s Bistro is a one-stop shop for every Asian food craving. With the average entree price under $10, Chen’s is the perfect place to find affordable Asian cuisine with everything from soups to shrimp lo mein. And if you like spicy foods, Chen’s is the place for you.

“The staff is always so nice. Their Chinese food is amazing — I absolutely love ordering from them!” — Bre Reynolds ’21, communication major

Bre’s go-to menu item: “Potstickers and the sweet and sour chicken.”

Visit Chen’s Bistro’s website

3. Marina Garden

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day — that’s why Marina Garden serves it all day long! But don’t be fooled, they offer much more than just breakfast. With lunch, dinner, and even fresh gyro options, Marina Garden will leave you wanting more (and not just more pancakes).

“Marina Garden is my favorite place to go with my friends because the food is amazing and they serve breakfast all day.” — Joshua Davis ’22, economics major

Joshua’s go-to menu item: “The Greek Skillet.”

Visit Marina Garden’s website

Blue Bear restaurant in Racine

4. Blue Bear*

Blue Bear is a farm-to-table restaurant that caters specifically to gluten-free and vegan individuals. But don’t worry — even if you’re not vegan or gluten-free, Blue Bear is passionate about using meat and eggs from local farms without added hormones or antibiotics. Vegan or not, if you want to support local farms, Blue Bear is a must.

“Blue Bear is my favorite restaurant because they have somany vegan options, and it tastes so good!” — Lily Majestic ’24, biology and chemistry major

Lily’s go-to menu item: “The vegan patty melt.”

Visit Blue Bear’s website

*Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free friendly

The Buzz Cafe in downtown Kenosha

5. The Buzz*

The Buzz is bound to become your new favorite coffee shop once you try their signature drink, the Honey Bee Latte. With a focus on specialty coffee and tea items, The Buzz offers beverages you won’t find anywhere else, such as the Spiced Pecan Latte and Jolli-Tea. When you stop in, don’t forget to pick up a housemade muffin — the perfect pairing to any drink.

“The Buzz has a lovely and cozy atmosphere that is great for studying, socializing, or simply stopping by for your caffeine fix. The baristas are really friendly, and their drinks and baked goods are so delicious.” — Abby Zera ’22, international political economy major

Abby’s go-to menu item: “The Maple Sage Latte.”

Visit The Buzz’s website

*Gluten-free friendly

La Fogata logo

6. La Fogata*

Who doesn’t love some classic Mexican food? La Fogata specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine, with everything from tacos and burritos, to churros and fried ice cream. And of course, don’t forget to try their amazing chips and guacamole when you stop by.

“I have so many memories with my wonderful friends at La Fogata. All their food is so good, but their chips with salsa and guacamole are addicting.” — Ella Spoelstra ’21, theatre performance major

Ella’s go-to menu item: “The tacos — I get different ones every time!”

Visit La Fogata’s website

*Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free friendly

Scoops Ice Cream in downtown Kenosha

7. Scoops Ice Cream and Candy*

A meal isn’t complete until you’ve had dessert! Once you’ve finished dining at one of the restaurants above, you’ll want to end your time off-campus in Kenosha with a visit to Scoops — trust us, you won’t regret it. While they’re known for their Wisconsin-made ice cream, they also offer handmade pies, brownie bowls, cakes, and candy. And, if you bring your furry friend along, ask the Scoops staff for some doggy frozen yogurt so your pet can share in the experience!

“Scoops is such a cute little ice cream shop and has so many unique flavors. The staff is so nice and welcoming. I bring everyone I know here!” — Nicole Pukala ’23, nursing major

Nicole’s go-to menu item: “Cotton candy ice cream.”

Visit Scoops Ice Cream and Candy’s website

*Vegan and gluten-free friendly