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In his short time at Carthage, the campus community got to know Thomas Signorile ’26 as a creative and goal-oriented student with a strong interest in the STEM fields.

The late Thomas Signorile ?26 The late Thomas Signorile ’26 Faculty, staff, and classmates are mourning the passing of the soft-spoken yet sociable freshman from Highland Park, Illinois. Thomas, who was 18, died unexpectedly Nov. 11 in his residence hall room.

An article in The Record North Shore highlighted Thomas’ career ambitions, which centered on medical research. Majoring in mathematics and chemistry at Carthage, he especially enjoyed Calculus II.

“As I told the class about his passing, I was emotionally moved,” says Professor Mark Snavely, who teaches that section of the math course. “It was one of the most difficult moments in my teaching career.”

Although Thomas wasn’t particularly vocal in class, Prof. Snavely enjoyed seeing his enthusiasm for off-campus activities with the Mathematics Department. The freshman traveled with a contingent of Carthage students and faculty to an undergraduate research conference earlier this month in DePere, Wisconsin, and competed on the College’s team in the “Jeopardy” style Face Off! quiz competition.

Thomas met frequently with student success advisor Eli Marten, who found the first-year student very receptive to guidance. Sharing details of his Halloween costume — a modern vampire — and other artistic projects, Thomas revealed a creative side that complemented his analytical interests.

“He was a very soft-spoken and quiet student,” says Mr. Marten, “but, from what I can tell, he made a big impact on the social groups he was a part of.”

Funeral services were held Nov. 19 in his hometown of Highland Park. Carthage’s campus pastor, the Rev. Kara Baylor, is working with Thomas’ family to organize a separate memorial service here at the College.