Abraham Lincoln statue on Carthage College?s campus.
A group of students sitting outside.
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Give everyone your smile today, this week, if you can.

You may not feel up to it each day this week, but give it a try at least once. Just imagine what it could do if we spread some good cheer to a friend or a stranger on campus. Don’t just hold the door for the person coming after you, which we at Carthage are very good at doing for each other, but smile at that person too.

Why not give them a smile? Let them know they have been seen and acknowledged as someone who matters. A simple smile can do all of that.

The smile can help someone feel like they belong here at Carthage. It may just be what someone needs, and it takes just a second of your time. So give it a try this week and then make it a habit. Smile and bring that joy and sense of belonging to Carthage. It’s a good way to welcome back your fellow Carthaginians from spring break.

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Center for Faith and Spirituality

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Kara Baylor: kbaylor@carthage.edu, ext: 5812