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Carthage Mock Trial team at the Racine County Law Enforcement Center for the 3rd Annual Dairyland...

On Oct. 21-22, Carthage Mock Trial hosted the 3rd Annual Dairyland Challenge at the Racine County Law Enforcement Center.

Michaela Moore ?24 (left) and Lily Anderson ?25 (right). Michaela Moore ’24 (left) and Lily Anderson ’25 (right). Fourteen teams from 10 schools and five states participated. Carthage’s teams finished with records of 4-4 and 3-5.

Michaela Moore ’24 and Lily Anderson ’25 both won a coveted Dairyland Cow Award. Michaela received the Outstanding Prosecution Witness Award, and Lily received the Outstanding Defense Attorney Award.

Nine new students joined eight returning members this year to form the largest team in Carthage’s history. This year’s team members are:

  1. Diego Alvarez ’26
  2. Grace Anderson ’26
  3. Lily Anderson ’25
  4. Olivia Bamlett ’27
  5. Alison Blakely ’25
  6. Taliyah Carson ’25
  7. Aiden Farkas ’26
  8. Basil Kiracofe ’27
  9. Elizabeth Lalonde ’25
  10. Madelyn Leppiaho ’25
  11. Adrian Maciejewski ’26
  12. Andrew Marron ’26
  13. Michaela Moore ’24
  14. Carter Rus ’26
  15. Marcus Stubbs ’26
  16. Holly Valentine ’25
  17. Alayna Tetrick ’26

As members of the Mock Trial Team, students act as attorneys and witnesses and present the case as both the prosecution or defense in a simulation of a jury trial. Scores are based on performance, knowing the facts of the case, and understanding the law. The Federal Rules of Evidence are utilized.

Whether you have an interest in law school or simply want to further develop your public speaking, critical thinking, and team building skills, Carthage Mock Trial is for you.

The team is coached by Michael Phegley, professor of management and marketing, and attorney Margaret Zienkiewicz, adjunct faculty of management and marketing. Liv Higgins ’22 is an assistant coach to the team. Also assisting the team this season are Jon Allen ’22 and Alicia Lederhaus ’23.

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Carthage Mock Trial Team

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Michael Phegley, JD Director, Mock Trial Program Associate Professor of Law, Management and Marketing