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Art and Politics course for J-Term 2024 What is beauty? How do artworks interact with political power and order? How might art play a disruptive role in political life? How does art contribute to shaping political communities?

Art and Politics, an on-campus course offered in January 2024 and led by Professor Paul Kirkland, will consider questions like these through an interdisciplinary perspective, using aesthetic philosophy and political theory along with artworks in its examination.

It will include both careful reading of major thinkers on aesthetics and consideration of artwork. By considering these together, the course considers aesthetic experiences along with theoretical analysis of them. The course will aim to cultivate aesthetic sensibilities along with critical faculties.

In addition to familiarity with the materials presented in the course, it will involve developing an appreciation for the interplay between the aesthetic and critical faculties and careful consideration of the role of both in politics.

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Office of Visual and Performing Arts

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Paul Kirkland: