Carthage offers a J-Term study tour to Namibia.
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The Office of Marketing and Communications invites students to enter photos and videos that capture their 2024 J-Term experience! Winners will receive $100 in Birdie Bucks.

A winner will be chosen from each of the following categories:

  • J-Term, or January Term, is a special month-long study period in which Carthage students explore ... Best On-campus J-Term Course Photo
  • Best Study Tour Photo
  • Best J-Term Video
  • Best Video Blog

Submission guidelines:

To enter, send an email to between Thursday, Jan. 4 and Monday, Feb. 5. Attach a high-quality/actual size photo (1MB+) or video (5MB+). If the video file is large, upload it to Google Drive and share with

Include in the email (only complete entries will be considered):

  • Your name, grad year
  • What category
  • Name of the 2024 J-Term course
  • Names of Carthage students/faculty in the photo
  • Location where the photo was taken
  • Brief description of what is happening in the photo/video

More about the categories

Best On-campus J-Term Course Photo: During J-Term, students will immerse themselves in unique course topics. Capture the learning experience taking place in the classroom or as part of the field experience.

A student on a J-Term study tour to Africa. Best Study Tour Photo: Pictures showing Carthage students studying across the globe in January. These photos tell the story of your unique cultural experiences, the people you meet, and/or show the landscape.

Best J-Term Video: If one picture is not enough, then create a 30-60-second video of an event or activity that happened during J-Term.

Best Video Blog: Create a 60-second video with photos/video of your trip, course or internship with a voiceover telling about J-Term in your own words.

Remember: Winners receive $100 in Birdie Bucks!

What judges are looking for:

Personal connections. J-Term gives Carthage students an opportunity to engage with people (or animals) in meaningful ways. Move in close to focus on facial expressions and tell a story.

Experiences of a lifetime. Photos can capture special J-Term memories such as experiencing something new or an accomplishment.

Carthage pride! We want to see Firebirds on J-Term. Use the Carthage banner and wear Carthage spirit wear.

NOTE: All photos received through the contest may be used in Carthage publications. Carthage offers a J-Term study tour to Honduras.