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All students must register their motor vehicle with the Office of Public Safety and obtain and display a parking permit. This includes cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Students can purchase 2024-25 parking permits through the Carthage Parking Portal, which will open at noon Monday, May 6.

New this year, students will have an opportunity to purchase a parking permit for the entire academic year at a discounted rate for most parking lots. Discounted parking permits are non-refundable. Permits may also be purchased by semester. Permit rates for the 2024-25 academic year are:

Residential students

  • 35th Street Lot — Full year $275 / Per semester $150 *
  • 14th Avenue Lot — Full year $275 / Per semester $150 *
  • Tennis Center Lot — Full year $700 / Per semester $375 *
  • Apartment Lot — Full year $700 / Per semester $375
  • Pike River Lot — Full year $1,100 / Per semester $600 *
  • South Lower Lot — Full year $1,700/ $850 Per semester

* Transportation service between these lots and the campus will be provided by the Carthage Firebird Shuttle.

Commuter students

  • South Lower Lot / North Lots 2 and 3 — Full year $400 / Per semester $225
  • (New) Straz Service Drive — Full year $700 / Per semester $375

* A limited quantity of assigned (numbered) spaces are available behind Straz.

View the campus parking lot map 

Visit the Parking Permit Portal 

See Carthage parking policies

Permits will be distributed when students arrive on campus in the fall. Any permit not claimed by the first day of the academic term may be redistributed and the registration voided with any payments made toward the permit purchase credited to the student’s account.

Sponsoring Department, Office, or Organization:

Office of Public Safety

For more information, contact: