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The Braver Angels National Convention gathered on campus at the end of June with nearly 800 delegates engaging in dialogue to bridge political divides. Hosting this event aligns with Carthage’s commitment to diversity in thought and being an inclusive community.

Braver Angels chose Carthage as an ideal location not only for its beautiful setting on Lake Michigan, but because the campus is situated between two political party conventions that will take place later this summer in Milwaukee and Chicago. Further, Braver Angels appreciates Carthage’s historical ties to Abraham Lincoln.

Cameron Swallow at the Braver Angels Convention. President John Swallow welcomed the delegates to campus in the opening session. His wife, Cameron Swallow, who has been involved with Braver Angels since 2018, joined Matt Hausman from Pesotum, Illinois as co-chairs for the convention.

“Braver Angels is committed to the principle of balance, with Red and Blue leadership at every level of their organization,” she said.

“The delegates at the convention are an equal number of Reds and Blues, with some independents and professionally neutral participants as well.” 

The three-day convention included workshops, facilitated discussions, keynote speakers, skits, and music. On the opening night, delegates gathered in the A. F. Siebert Chapel for the country’s largest bi-partisan watch party.

The local chapter of Braver Angels hosts events on campus to help students understand each other’s views. This past spring, students participated in a Braver Angels debate on “Guns make us safer.”

The convention is one of the larger events taking place on campus this summer. Many staff from across campus departments demonstrated Carthage’s readiness to host large events.