Communications about official College policy

Communications about official College policy will be sent by email to all affected groups. These communications are messages the College administration has determined are important for all members of the campus community, or a certain subset of the community (i.e. all students, all faculty, all faculty and staff). Examples include messages related to:

  • Campus emergencies
  • Health and safety information
  • Academic policies and programs
  • College closings, delayed openings, and early dismissals
  • Certain personnel and organizational changes
  • Certain deadlines that require action (applications for new student housing, registration, financial aid information, etc.)
  • Administrative policies or announcements
  • Major College-wide events (e.g. New Student Arrival, Commencement, Christmas Festival)

Who receives emails about official College policy?

Only those with “” email addresses will receive emails sent to all students, to all faculty, or to all faculty and staff. Non-Carthage email addresses cannot be added. Lists are maintained by Library and Information Services.

Who may send official College communications?

Only the email accounts of certain administrative units, and specific individuals within those administrative units, are authorized to transmit official College communications to the entire campus, or to subsets via email distribution lists maintained for this purpose by Library Information Services.

Units with this authorization are:

  • Academic Senate
  • Carthage Athletics
  • Human Resources
  • Library and Information Services
  • Office of Finance and Administrative Services
  • Office of Public Safety
  • Office of Student Financial Services
  • Office of Student Life
  • Office of the President
  • Office of the Provost
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Signature Carthage Events
  • Staff Council
  • The Bridge

Other individual email accounts are not authorized to transmit communications via the campus distribution lists. In addition, individuals may not use and build their own lists encompassing entire sectors of the campus community, e.g. all students, all faculty, all alumni, or all faculty and staff. Individuals can continue to use departmental or other sub-group email lists.

Other or departmental communications

Messages that do not fall into the categories listed above should be posted to The Bridge. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Promotion of events, such as lectures and performances, sponsored by departments and organizations
  • Announcements such as bookstore sales and calls for volunteers
  • Departmental announcements and promotions

Who may post to The Bridge?

Any member of the campus community may post their news or event to The Bridge. Please visit The Bridge for additional information.


Exceptions to the guidelines on official or departmental communications may be made in certain cases by the president, provost, or vice president. Once approved, the communication can be sent to the community by following the guidelines for official policy communications listed above.

Last updated: January 2024