Amber Redmond

    Amber Redmond ’24

    Majors: Psychology and Studio Art

    Hometown: White Bear Lake, Minnesota

    “I wholeheartedly believe I would not be where I am today without the professors I’ve had here at Carthage. The psychology and studio art professors showed me that I am in the right place. The relationships I’ve built have led to so many opportunities for me. The faculty here at Carthage is unmatched.”

    Victoria Olvera ?23

    Victoria Olvera ’23

    Majors: Art Education, Studio Art

    Hometown: Zion, Illinois

    “My favorite Carthage moments have taken place in the classroom. I love when the professor has an engaging lesson plan. I also like hanging out with the intellectual, interesting, and all-around great people in my classes.”

    Logan Dales

    Logan Dales ’25

    Majors: Physics, studio art (ceramics)

    Minors: Women’s & Gender Studies

    Hometown: Greenwood, Ind.

    “The physics program here is amazing, with connections across the country that I’d hope would make for a great education and possibly help me find a job post-graduation.”

    Brianna Jordan ?23

    Brianna Jordan ’23

    Majors: Studio Art, Psychology

    Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    “My relationship with faculty has helped me succeed because of their motivation and support.”

    Claire Bromley

    Claire Bromley ’23

    Majors: Art History

    Minors: French

    Hometown: Baraboo, Wis.

    “My relationships with Carthage faculty have been some of the highlights of my college years. It’s so much easier to engage in class when you know your professor. It’s also great to be able to say hello or grab coffee when you see your former professors around campus.”

    Noemi Joann Norman ?23

    Noemi Joann Norman ’23

    Majors: Art Education

    Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin

    “Other students should consider the art education major if they want to share their skills with others or if they have a passion for art…”