Emily Chong

    Emily Chong ’27

    Majors: Biology

    Minors: Chemistry

    Hometown: Huntley, Illinois

    “I absolutely love how pretty the school looks and the small class sizes.”

    Juan Alberto Gomez-Solis ?25

    Juan Alberto Gómez-Solis ’25

    Majors: Spanish and Biology

    Minors: Chemistry

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin

    “The professors have all been very generous and passionate about their teaching. I am very grateful they go above and beyond to ensure their students succeed in class! Many of them make the environment comfortable — where you can be your true self.”

    Brett Jackson

    Brett Jackson ’25

    Majors: Biology, Paleontolgy Track

    Hometown: Estherville, Iowa

    “There is a variety of specialties and skills you can learn as a biology major. I came to Carthage for its paleontology program, which is rare in undergraduate studies and even rarer to have it through a biological and anatomical perspective.”

    Jack Kelley ?25

    Jack Kelley ’25

    Majors: Biology

    Minors: Music

    Hometown: Port Byron, IL

    “I chose Carthage because of the great programs that the College offered and, of course, the lake!”

    Mel Krukow ?26

    Mel Krukow ’26

    Majors: Biology, Paleontology Track

    Minors: Art

    Hometown: Oshkosh, Wis.

    “Not only a perfectly sized smaller school, but Carthage also offers everything I need to become a paleontologist.”

    Maverick Leer

    Maverick Leer ’26

    Majors: Biology, Paleontology Track

    Minors: Geoscience

    Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    “The Biology Department at Carthage has strong research opportunities and lots of interesting classes to take. The professors are helpful and are very good to get to know.”

    Nadia Musaitef ?25

    Nadia Musaitef ’25

    Majors: Biology

    Minors: Spanish and Chemistry

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wis.

    “I love how small and tight-knit the community is, and I really love the personal relationships that are made here. Carthage is more than just a school — it’s a family.”

    Anna Polietaieva ?27

    Anna Polietaieva ’27

    Majors: Biology and Chemistry

    Hometown: Ukraine

    “As a liberal arts school, Carthage highlights exploring different disciplines and connecting them. The combination of both, and of course the lake view, were the main reasons I chose Carthage.”