Jordan Ball ?23

    Jordan Ball ’23

    Majors: Computer Science

    Minors: Mathematics and Data Science

    Hometown: Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

    Professor Perry Kivolowitz made me realize that studying computer science could lead me to places I never dreamed of. Working in the field of computer science led him to create a revolutionary software for visual effects that earned him not only an Academy Award, but also an Emmy Award.”

    Joseph Fudali

    Joseph Fudali ’26

    Majors: Computer Science — Game Development Emphasis

    Minors: Mathematics

    Hometown: Park Ridge, Ill.

    “My advice for those who want to follow the path of computer science is to make sure to work hard and always ask for help if struggling, as computer science is a very cooperative subject.”

    Easton Hugh Herbon ?23

    Easton Hugh Herbon ’23

    Majors: Computer Science

    Hometown: Antioch, Illinois

    “I feel as though I belong here and that my work here as a student is appreciated by those around me, especially the faculty.”

    Christopher Sandoval Terry

    Christopher Sandoval Terry ’24

    Majors: Computer science

    Hometown: Harker Heights, Texas

    “Computer science is very enjoyable, especially when you finally solve the problem. It gives me a sense of relief knowing I can do anything if I can do this.”

    Maya Zenner

    Maya Zenner ’25

    Majors: Computer Science, Chinese

    Hometown: Racine, Wis.

    “I chose Carthage primarily because of its size and the majors offered here. I came from a very small high school, so Carthage’s size made it a very easy transition. The smaller class sizes appealed to me as well, as I feel that I can better get my questions answered quickly. The beautiful view of Lake Michigan also helped!”