Shelldyn Earnest ?25

    Shelldyn Earnest ’25

    Majors: Engineering

    Minors: Music and Japanese

    Hometown: Oak Lawn, Illinois

    “Consider majoring in engineering if you like to be challenged but equally rewarded. The critical thinking skills you gain from the required classes become worth the stress of finishing a project on time or studying for exams.”

    Trevor Milne

    Trevor Milne ’26

    Majors: Engineering and Musical Theatre

    Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

    “Carthage is a college that provided me with a great education in multiple areas of study. While most other schools are known for either their music or STEM programs, Carthage has great programs for both.”

    Kelly Steele ?26

    Kelly Steele ’27

    Majors: Engineering and Management

    Hometown: North Branch, MN

    “I chose Carthage after receiving the Business Scholarship and talking with staff on campus who wanted to see my success.”

    Iris Toney

    Iris Toney ’25

    Majors: Engineering

    Minors: Chemistry

    Hometown: Highlands Ranch, Colorado

    “I think that the combination of a very rigorous engineering core and Carthage’s liberal arts curriculum work together to create engineers who are not only well versed in math and science, but who also have a broader range of knowledge and a larger skill set than your average engineer.”

    Justin Wheeler ?25

    Justin Lee Wheeler ’25

    Majors: Engineering

    Minors: Physics, Math

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wis.

    “Engineering is a great major for those who are into all sorts of engineering. It is not a specific category of engineering but rather a focus on the process of engineering. This program is building skilled engineers who are adaptable to every field.”