Owen Lewer ?20

    Owen Lewer

    Class Year: ’20

    Majors: Biology

    Current Hometown: Forest Lake, Ill.


    Graduate Student at Loyola Stritch School of Medicine

    “Do hard things: Travel if you have the means, and stretch your comfort zone. Not only will your future self thank you, but admissions committees and employers are looking for interesting and introspective applicants to fill their classes and offices.”

    John Nykyforuk ?21

    John Nykyforuk

    Class Year: ’21

    Majors: Biology

    Current Hometown: Edmonton, Canada


    Medical Student at the University of Alberta

    “You will have lots of experiences during your years at Carthage, so do your best to learn and grow from them all.”

    Jack Racanelli ?23

    Jack Racanelli

    Class Year: ’23

    Majors: Chemistry

    Current Hometown: Alton, Illinois


    Dental Student at Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine

    “Don’t be afraid to reach out for advice. Whether it be related to your personal life, or to school, there are so many people at Carthage who have experiences similar to yours and who are willing to help.”