Savita Chandarana

    Savita Chandarana ’24

    Majors: Neuroscience and Psychology

    Minors: Biology

    Hometown: Lockport, Illinois

    “I am thrilled with my decision to double major in psychology and neuroscience at Carthage; it has been an excellent preparation for graduate programs, and I feel like I have grown so much as a student and a person.”

    Zahra Rognstad

    Zahra Rognstad ’25

    Majors: Allied Health Sciences

    Minors: Biology

    Hometown: Prentice, WI

    “The allied health science major is  a diverse major with students who want to be chiropractors, PAs, athletic trainers, and more. It allows me to meet and have potential opportunities in all different fields.”

    Natalie Vitek

    Natalie Vitek ’25

    Majors: Neuroscience

    Hometown: Raymond, WI

    “I chose Carthage because of its reputable pre-health program, small class sizes, and personable professors. The view of Lake Michigan is a significant bonus!”

    Brett Westbrook ?27

    Brett Westbrook ’27

    Majors: Allied Health Science

    Hometown: Springfield, Illinois

    “Allied health science is a very diverse program and ultimately prepares you to be the best provider you can be in the field.”

    Connor Wiseman

    Connor Wiseman ’24

    Majors: Neuroscience

    Minors: Spanish and Chemistry

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wis.

    “I chose Carthage because of the homey atmosphere and small class sizes. The professors were so personable and welcoming. Carthage felt like a place where I could succeed and maximize my potential.”