The Carthage Alumni Association awards three $2,000 Alumni Association Scholarships each year to direct relatives of Carthage graduates.

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History of the Alumni Association Scholarship

The Carthage Alumni Council voted to establish an Alumni Association Scholarship at its December 1997 meeting. This scholarship began as a $500 scholarship awarded exclusively to children or grandchildren of Carthage alumni. This funding was in addition to the $1,000 grant given to all children and grandchildren of Carthage graduates. The first Alumni Association Scholarships were awarded to one member from each class in the Fall of 1999.


Today, three $2,000 Alumni Association Scholarships are awarded each year. This amount may be increased or decreased at the discretion of the Alumni Association. The scholarship is funded through alumni gifts and event donations. Alumni are also provided with the opportunity to contribute to the scholarship through the annual fund drive.

Eligibility and Application

To be eligible for an Alumni Association Scholarship, you must be a direct relative of a Carthage graduate (child, grandchild, brother/sister, niece/nephew, grandchild, cousin). Applicants must fill out the Alumni Association Scholarship application to be considered.

In addition, it is requested that each applicant please include the names of any relatives who attended Carthage (parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents, siblings, cousins, etc.), as it is very interesting and exciting to see how the Carthage tradition has continued through generations. We also use this information to ensure that our records are correct. This information will not influence the scholarship competition, and will only be shown to the scholarship committee once the winner(s) have been selected.

Please fill out the application online no later than 11:59 p.m. on December 3, 2023.

The Alumni Council Scholarship Committee will review all of the essays at their January meeting. Essays are numbered, and all names are deleted, to ensure confidential voting. When the winners are selected, the Alumni Director will notify the Office of Admissions and award letters will be sent.

Best of luck to all Alumni Scholarship Applicants!