1. Any student charged with academic dishonesty has the right to request in writing that the Provost establish a committee to review the decision of the faculty member. The student must contact the Provost no later than one week after a faculty member has formally charged a student with academic dishonesty.
  2. The Provost will form a committee of three departmental chairpersons and one student government representative. The chairpersons selected cannot be from the same department as the faculty who has made the charge.
  3. The committee must set a hearing date no later than two weeks after receiving the formal request from the student. The faculty member who has made the charge must attend the hearing.
  4. The student has the right to invite individuals who have pertinent information to attend the hearing or produce documents that are supportive of the student’s appeal.
  5. All members of the committee are voting members. A minimum of three votes is required to override the faculty member’s charge. The final vote is confidential; therefore, the committee either upholds or denies the charge and conveys its decision to the Provost. Records of the hearing and appeals will be confidential and kept in the Provost’s Office for a period of five years. After five years the records will be destroyed.
  6. The student has the right to appeal the committee’s decision in writing to the Provost within three days of the committee’s decision. The Provost must render a decision within one week of receiving the appeal.