Being a leader starts before you have a formal title or even a group to lead.

As you complete experiences related to Aspire’s core competencies built through your My Aspire Plan, you will be developing the skills needed to innovate, lead, and make your mark on the world.

From your first year on campus, you’ll have opportunities to develop the personal self-management and early leadership skills that will position you for leadership on- and off-campus.

You can lead.

Everyone has the ability to find their unique leadership personality and to hone the skills necessary for mobilizing others. Carthage students develop leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity skills — a trio of powerful skills necessary to thrive in a changing labor market where most jobs are changing radically and new career paths are emerging.

From your first year, you will begin to learn about yourself and how you might choose to influence the world. Leading can happen from any position within an organization, so leadership skills are as important for current students as they are for professionals at all career stages. Learn more about the 9 competencies associated with The Aspire Program to understand the ingredients of being a good leader and team member.

How does it happen?


At Carthage, students are often organized in small groups to complete projects, which help them to develop teamwork skills while learning about the core course material.


Students have access to a variety of leadership development activities from sessions at the annual Aspire Conference to programs hosted by student organizations. At The Aspire Conference, you’ll learn from a mix of seasoned leaders to younger professionals, who guide you through activities that help you understand your personal story and how you can guide and mobilize others in your vision.

There are many intersections between basic leadership skills and developing as an entrepreneur, and you have access to hone this full range of capabilities. For a more personal touch, you can contact alumni in your fields of interest to receive personal guidance and insights.


Studying will only get you so far. Whether it’s serving as a leader or an active participant in a student organization, in your sport, on the job, or in another setting, there are plenty of ways for students to practice strengthening their leadership skills.


Carthage’s location in the Milwaukee-to-Chicago corridor allows students to participate in local and regional leadership development activities. For example, students often participate in Kenosha Area Business Association events, which bring together people at all stages of their careers … from students to Fortune 500 CEOs.

As just one example, the annual Inspire Conference brings nationally-known speakers, best-selling authors, and trainers to Kenosha for the day. Students also serve as members on local non-profit boards and in leadership roles in off-campus jobs.