Manage your money for meals and other expenses 24/7 on the GET app.

Birdie Bucks are Carthage’s currency put on your Carthage ID card to use at on-campus eateries and in the Carthage Bookstore. You can manage your Birdie Bucks 24/7 using your smartphone or laptop using the GET App. Birdie Bucks are included in most meal plans, but most students load additional Birdie Bucks on their cards to cover their discretionary purchases on campus.


Monitor your meal plan balances through the GET app.


Birdie Bucks can be used at the following on-campus locations:

  • Carthage Bookstore
  • Lentz Do Lunch
  • Red Zone
  • Starbucks

Both! Both residential and commuter students can use Birdie Bucks and the GET app.

Yes. Current Carthage students, faculty, and staff can use Birdie Bucks.

  • You can add funds quickly, 24 hours a day, through the GET app.
  • Deals: Vendors may offer special promotions for people using Birdie Bucks.
  • Fast and current: Find up-to-date Birdie Bucks balances and transaction history online.
  • Tax-free on-campus food purchases: You will not pay taxes for food purchases made on campus using Birdie Bucks.
  • Residential students are required to purchase a meal plan which includes preloaded Birdie Bucks deposited on the first day of the fall and spring terms.
  • Current Carthage students, staff, and faculty will be able to add additional Birdie Bucks through the GET app with a debit or credit card.
  • Parents: You can add Birdie Bucks to your student’s card with your student’s ID number.
  • Note: There is a $1 charge for digital deposits and a $20 minimum for online deposits.

GET Funds also has a mobile app for students, staff, and faculty. From your smartphone, you can:

  • Add funds.
  • Request funds.
  • View balance inquiries.
  • Check transaction history.
  • Report a lost card and freeze funds. (Students will still need to contact the Office of Public Safety immediately to terminate building access for a lost or stolen card.)

Yes. Residential student meal plans included Birdie Bucks. However, depending on the selected plan and discretionary purchases, most students add additional Birdie Bucks throughout the year.

Learn more about Carthage student meal plans

Birdie Bucks included in meal plans expire at the end of the academic year. Additional Birdie Bucks added using the GET app carry over from term to term, year to year, as long as the cardholder is an active student or employee at Carthage.