If a tornado warning has been issued to the campus area, students, staff, and faculty should retreat to the following designated shelters for safety. The safest place to be during a tornado is typically the lowest level of a building, away from windows, doors, and free-span roofs.

A. F. Siebert Chapel — Go to the lower level of the Johnson Center for the Fine Arts

Campbell Student Union — Basement corridor

Hedberg Library — Neimann Media Theater and editing rooms

Johnson Center for the Fine Arts — Lower level hallways and the band and choir rooms

Lentz Hall — Lower-level Engineering Center hallway

Todd Wehr Center — Esports Arena and the 128s

Straz Center — Lower-level hallway and the Studio Theatre

Denhart Hall — Basement

Johnson Hall — Basement

Madrigrano Hall — Basement (NIC Office of Communications)

Tarble Hall — Basement

The Oaks — Basement

The Tower — Go to the basement in Madrigrano Hall or Johnson Hall

Parkway Apartments — Go to the basement at the Smeds Tennis Center

Swenson Hall — Go to the lower-level hallway or Studio Theatre in the Straz Center


The TARC — Tarble Arena

Art Keller Stadium — Lower-level corridor in the Campbell Student Union

Smeds Tennis Center — Basement (NIC Flooding)

Athletic playing fields — Follow the direction of the assigned athletic trainer