Carthage offers free shuttle rides to different campus facilities and off-campus parking lots during the school year. Our shuttle services provide reliable transportation to help students, faculty, staff, and guests get where they need to go!

For recent updates and announcements about campus shuttle services, visit the public safety news page.

The Office of Public Safety recently made enhancements to the 2023-24 shuttle services to improve the campus experience. Upgrades include:

  • More frequent stops at our remote parking lots, so students can get to their classes quickly and easily access their vehicles.
  • User-friendly shuttle stops on Campus Drive, so everyone can get across campus comfortably — especially during inclement weather.
  • A real-time shuttle mobile app to track the location of our shuttles. (Scroll down to learn more about the new shuttle app.)

Shuttle Schedule

Campus shuttles run all day and all night during the academic year. Shuttles do not run during break periods or in the summer.

Red Line
Gray Line
Blue Line
North Route South Route Late-Night & Weekend
South Route
Monday-Friday Monday-Friday Monday-Sunday
Shuttle Stops

14th Avenue Lot
35th Street Lot
Madrigrano Hall
Lentz Hall

Smeds Tennis Center
Pike River Lot
Chapel/Hedberg Library
Campbell Student Union
35th Street Lot
14th Avenue Lot

Smeds Tennis Center
Pike River Lot
Campbell Student Union
35th Street Lot
14th Avenue Lot

See the Parking Lot Map

Questions about Campus Shuttle Services? Contact the Office of Public Safety at 262-551-5911 or

Get the shuttle app

You can now track campus shuttles using Brickhouse Locate GPS. The app allows you to track the College’s shuttles in real-time, so you know where they are and when they will arrive.

Shuttle App Instructions

1. Download the app. Brickhouse is available for mobile download on both Apple iOS and Google/Android.

Brickhouse Locate GPS Logo

2. Enter the Carthage username (CarthageStudent) and password (Shuttle#23).

Brickhouse app login screen.

3. When the “Units” screen appears, select the “Map” icon at the bottom.

Brickhouse ?Map? icon

4. Select a map format. You can select different formats by tapping the icon in the upper left corner of your screen. We recommend “Google Hybrid.”

Brickhouse map options

 If you don’t see Carthage shuttles being tracked on the app, please contact the Office of Public Safety at 262-551-5911 or