Can I join as a first-year student?

Yes! But you’ll need to wait until Spring Recruitment to join. That way, you have an entire semester to transition to college life and get adjusted to your new environment and academics. Most likely, you’ll meet students in fraternities and sororities through your classes and organizations, so feel free to ask them about their experiences and get to know them.

Does Carthage have Greek housing?

Our Greek housing can be found in the traditional residence halls. Fraternities and sororities have wings for their organizations. The wings are vibrant and welcome to students who choose not to join an organization.

How much time will I spend with my fraternity or sorority?

Joining a chapter teaches you valuable time management skills. Similar to other organizations, you will get out of your Greek experience what you put into it. On average, you can expect to spend two to four hours a week for your organization’s events.

How do I know which fraternity or sorority is right for me?

Each organization holds recruitment events where you are able to spend time with members and ask questions. This is a great time to determine if you feel at home with the members and if your values align with the organization.