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This spring, Carthage will officially celebrate the opening of its distinctive School of Business and Economics, which encompasses several of the College’s most popular degree programs.

Kunal Kapoor, CEO of Morningstar Kunal Kapoor, CEO of Morningstar The celebration will take place on campus Wednesday, April 5, featuring keynote speaker Kunal Kapoor. He’s the CEO of Morningstar, a highly influential Chicago-based company that provides tools and services for investors.

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“Growing from data analyst to CEO in 20 years at Morningstar with expertise in strategic planning, product development, and innovation, Kunal Kapoor’s rise mirrors an exciting vision we have for the new school,” said Professor Jim Padilla, dean of the new Carthage business school. “Kunal’s success and achievements represent what is possible with a business-focused liberal arts degree.”

Prof. Padilla arrived last summer to direct the business school’s launch after leading a similar program at Loras College. Along with a teaching background in sports management, law, and ethics, he brings more than two decades of executive-level experience in specialized insurance.

About one-fourth of Carthage’s undergraduate students major in accounting, economics, finance, management, or marketing, and the graduate business program offers parallel tracks in sports management and business design and innovation. The School of Business and Economics brings distinguished faculty from those thriving departments together under a single umbrella.

Jim Padilla, Dean of the School of Business and Economics Jim Padilla, Dean of the School of Business and Economics This new structure promises to foster greater collaboration, expand hands-on learning, and pave the way for new programs and partnerships in emerging fields. Input from prominent alumni and regional employers will continually inform the curriculum.

Craig Leipold, majority owner of the Minnesota Wild NHL franchise, calls the business school’s formation “a winning move.” He’s seen Carthage thrive from two vantage points: as a parent and as chair of the Sports Management Advisory Council.

“Carthage faculty members are some of the most dynamic experts in their fields. They’re building courses that not only teach students the fundamentals of business, but also how to think innovatively and solve real-world problems,” said Mr. Leipold. “Those skills make Carthage students more attractive to employers and successful in life.”

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